it is not any wonder humans are walking into jab centres, really, we all know that the great majority are a herd and like all herds will jump over the fence when the first few do, depending on the level of fear they feel.

all of the creatures on our planet experience fear to one level or another, whether it’s a baby seal cub being battered by loveable dolphins or the mouse about to be slaughtered slowly by your loveable cat, the victim know fear.

we are the creatures just like the rest, the fact we cannot communicate with any other species on our planet to any degree shows our arrogance ignorance and brutality as a species.

the fact we can barely speak to others in our own species without being prejudice to one degree or another is the eternal cycle of humans as a species, “I will be for you until you can better me then you will become my enemy and I will destroy you”

for many years now I have been trying to identify the particular in fear that makes the majority behave like the herd and lone wolves stand alone against all of the odds despite the fear.

I understand those running our lives, the mentality of brutality is not new to me as those who follow my posts and stories will know, I have been raised with the brutality of masters.

the capabilities of a person to be cruel goes way beyond the arts of film makers you are programmed to watch, to let you stimulate your emotions through frightening situations, the benefit of the horrors ending in 90 minutes your lifeline to your reality.

I on the other hand have lived through real horrors of torture, psychological abuse on levels past abnormalities, day in and day out for many years, especially as a child of the carte and judicial system, fear, most people wouldn’t really want it.

but you are programmed to allow it, to stimulate your own fears, then when someone provokes you that fear is already available for them to manipulate, you program your own fear to be provoked by others and wonder why you are allowing yourself into an unknown experimental gene therapy or wondering why you are actually frightened of politicians, your lords representatives and peers, and you are frightened of them or they would be in jail.

the paradox of fear is if it used properly by you than you have the power, you use your fear to provoke you into action, if it used by others, they have the power over you and your actions, it really is that simple and it’s the end user of the fear that benefits.

my fear has saved my mind and life on many occasions, other peoples too, because I know how to use and abuse fear, and so do those who control you.

I have no doubt that at some time in our distant history we were humane human beings when we were “a few”, this dissipated when the few grew, hoarding became a necessity and with that the emotions of greed, distorted pleasures, perversities and diversities started becoming normalities and our brutality became the predominant nature.

to keep the emotions of greed the minority in control have to keep the rest of you in this illusion of fear, your own fears will paralyse you into inaction, doubt and rage will do the rest and you will do as you are told, even get into the box carts for relocation and re-education or fill them with the innocent to be cleansed.

as a young man my experiences in north Africa during the famine and later in the Balkans would prove to me the levels of inhumanity a person will sink too if provoked, the commonality in all of the above is we understand nothing other than fear and inhumanity, the concept of unity and love is for individuals not communities or the herd.

we live in conceptual realities depending on the programmer, I wonder what programs you would write if given the opportunity, never forgetting the adage that all evil needs is opportunity, could you resist the opportunity?





it is the contention of this party that, since as early as august of 2019 at least, our people have been deceived by our politicians and their scientists to implement a national medical experiment of genetic engineering under the false auspice of a deadly pandemic.

the prima facie case for the collective arrest of our political representatives for social cleansing and crimes against humanity in genetic experimentation without proper understanding of the ending of the experiment.


“a virus with a 99.97% survivability rate for healthy adults and more for children has entered our country”, this we were told by ALL of the government scientists and politicians, “the vast majority of people will not even know they have had it”.

that should have been the end of it, with the exception of isolating the vulnerable and elderly with underlying health conditions, as it is every winter to combat every other flu virus.

instead, politicians allowed the NHS to send the vulnerable and elderly who had already caught this virus to be sent back to care homes with the clear understanding that these people were infected with the virus.

whilst this virus has varied negligible damage to healthy people or children, those with underlying health conditions would and are being hammered the worst, because of the nature of this particular rhino/corona virus as seen and noted in The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 185, Issue 9, 1 May 2002, Pages 1338–1341

“”Rhinoviruses and coronaviruses are recognized as the major causes of the common cold syndrome. The role of these viruses in more serious respiratory illnesses resulting in hospitalization is less well defined.

During a winter when influenza A infection was prevalent, 100 elderly adults hospitalized because of cardiopulmonary illnesses were evaluated for rhinovirus and coronavirus infection. Patients who tested negative for influenza or respiratory syncytial virus had nasal swab samples tested for rhinovirus, coronavirus OC43, and coronavirus 229E by reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction and for coronaviruses by serologic testing.

Twelve percent of patients had rhinovirus or coronavirus identified (rhinovirus, 4 patients; coronavirus 229E, 4 patients; coronavirus OC43, 3 patients; and mixed rhinovirus/coronavirus 229E infection, 1 patient). All patients had significant underlying diseases.

Although all patients recovered, the mean length of stay was 8 days; 4 persons had pneumonia, and 1 required ventilator support. These data suggest that rhinoviruses and coronaviruses may be associated with serious respiratory illnesses in frail older adults.””

during this time infected people were being sent back to care homes the politicians started taking about 3-week lockdowns to straighten a curve, this curve was a modelled projection on what would happen if and what was happening in the care homes that the politicians and their scientists were watching.

as politicians watched our vulnerable die in care homes, the doctors and nurses dancing outside had many vulnerable people dying behind them because politicians had authorised state approved euthanasia in the do not resuscitate decisions doctors could make upon the vulnerable and mentally ill.

many thousands of vulnerable and mentally ill people have been euthanized, the vast majority without any understanding of why they were about to be turned off.

by May 2020 politicians had already caused enough death for those deaths to be the model the scientists would work on, the projections have never been proven, the isolation of the virus is in doubt.

by June 2020 there was nothing left of our freedom, just prisoners in our own homes being programmed on what to do next.

by July we were told people were dying in their thousands, covid was apparently killing them faster than universal credit.

by August the news was telling us those who have died with the virus, not those who have died of the virus but with it.

by September it was a vaccine that would save us all, even though the great majority didn’t need saving from a virus with a 99.97% survivability rate.

by October all over 70’s and vulnerable people needed the new vaccine.

by November all of those healthy people over 60 needed protections because the new variants were undetectable because of lack of symptoms, yet the ports and airports have never been closed properly to date.

by Christmas 2020 all healthy adults over 50 need protection against the virus that won’t harm them, then the over 40 and so on down the age groups until last week all children over 12 now need protection.

by January 2021 politicians were telling people “It’s not a vaccine per say, not as you understand vaccines”

by February politicians and scientists were telling people this is an experimental vaccine.

by march it’s a genetic experimental gene therapy that will give the recipient 100 percent effectiveness against ALL serious illnesses.

by April new variants on the way and will need a new jab.

by May’s politicians opened up the games and let these new non symptom variants get around a bit

in June the lockdown date ending is set back for a month because of a new variant of a variant of the rhino/corona virus, why has the removal of restrictions been set back again for a variation of a virus with a 99.97 percent survivability rate?

the truth is this has always been about the genetic experiment, even before you were told there was a pandemic.

all of the pieces for this experiment were in place in august 2019 when our scientists and our politicians went to Wuhan and our service personnel went to the military games held in Wuhan at the same time.

what better way could you imagine of spreading this virus than at an international military games where the majority of nations would be in attendance?

all of those service personnel would be back in their populations within a week of returning home in early October 2019, by November the numbers of infections would rise and in November a pandemic declared.


james anderson 20/6/2021


the politicians have done it again

more variants and injections

those not taking up the offer

the nations new rejections

anyone not in the national experiment

are viewed as a danger today

their opinion does not matter

because the third waves on the way

their rights to say no to an offer

are going to be removed

they will become the new world terrorists

thought no evidence can be reviewed

a whole pandemic made out of models

guesswork at its core

we have seen no real pandemic death

of the healthy shore to shore

the evidence in front of your own eyes

that’s if you turn off the news

you will see you are being played with

just like the Germans and the Jews

your mind is being played with

you are being taught to hate again

this time it’s those not in the experiment

where the politicians want your pain

your pain at losing your freedom

to people who haven’t had the jab

politicians will direct your anger

they will tell you who’s the scab

politicians tell you these people are selfish

every bad thing at them will be flung

politicians want to protect the vulnerable

by risking the genes of our young

where is the logic in any of this

without models where is the fact

where is the evidence of healthy deaths

or are you just too frightened to act

the similarities with Nazi Germany

the social cleansing and state of mind

its there in every living room

its not really hard to find

people who have taken the jab

politicians don’t want you free

you are being programmed to be frightened

and take it out on people like me

and just like the Jews

our cards will have stamps

if we don’t comply

then its off to the camps

you may have been frightened to take the jab

you were told it would set you free

you may have the right to risk your life

but you have no right force it on me

you have no right to risk healthy people

you have no right to risk children’s health

criminal politicians are conning you all

and building up their wealth

if it was not sick and twisted

it would really be quite funny

politicians are doing all of this

just for power and money

a healthy adulty isn’t worth a dime

ill people are easier to play

new variants of the variants

new vaccines day by day

this is your future

its not hard to see

they frightened your soul

to turn on people like me

james anderson



I have no genetic platform

connected inside me

I didn’t take the jab

they took the choice was also free

but now it is being forced into others

the media is all over this

no jab no job no money

now who is taking the piss

the elderly and the vulnerable died

to save the NHS

sent home on the understanding

by the end there would be less

less pensions that couldn’t be paid for

less disabled to drain the public purse

less people with underlying medical conditions

less of this economic curse

politicians don’t like paying out

for people never paying in

to be a burden on their society

is evil and a sin

you took the jab

now take the blame

you stopped resisting

and this is your shame

you believed the narrative

when you could see the proof

no deaths of the healthy adults

the blinding awful truth

no mass deaths like the Spanish flu

where death was in every breath

covid has gone nowhere near

the numbers from black death

the experiment will go on now

like the never-ending war on terror

you will blame those not in the experiment

never accepting your own error

you were conned and you know it

you can’t even claim you were blind

you let them experiment on children

leaving me one of the last of my kind

james anderson



So many millions of people have taken up the offer of the government vaccine when this is anything but a vaccine.

It’s an operating system the scientists have put inside you, its nano tech.

Below are the links for those with the courage to actually read them, after the fact of taking this “vaccine” that is not a vaccine at all.

Here are some of the important parts you have not been told, didn’t look for and should be terrified after reading, if you are not then may who every you pray to, or are prey for, forgive you.

That’s one vaccine company telling you it’s not a vaccine but mRNA.

 mRNA, delivered to your body’s cells by lipid nanoparticles, instructs the cells to generate the spike protein found on the surface of the novel coronavirus that initiates infection.1,2 instructing cells to generate the spike protein spurs an immune response, including generation of antibodies specific to the sars-cov-2 spike protein.3….

Its nano tech

Here is Moderna telling you it’s a platform

Our operating system recognizing the broad potential of mRNA science, we set out to create an mRNA technology platform that functions very much like an operating system on a computer. It is designed so that it can plug and play interchangeably with different programs. In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein.

To simplify all that

Get two combs, one comb is your genes the other comb is the platform, by linking the teeth of the combs they hope to give humans 100 percent effectiveness against all serious illnesses.

This is theoretical genetic engineering that has been allowed because of the emergency powers act.

The politicians need the emergency to experiment on us without any come backs because we were told it is an experimental genetic therapy by those making it, the fact people didn’t bother to look first is the problem because now they don’t want to look.

When i first looked at these manufacturers and looked into their failures over the years, and there has been many, you have the internet, ignorance is no excuse now, it shocked me this was being allowed at all.

To say you didn’t know is your fault, those not in this experiment do not want to be for many reasons, for me personally it has been the litany of lies, corruption and accusations of corruption of science by the British medical journal several times over this virus.

The bmj have accused our politicians and scientists of mass corruption and extortion on levels never seen before in British history, to any historian, that is some accusation indeed.

Never before in British history has our government and their scientist been accused by an established institution of corruption of science and mass medical extortion.

The fact people do not know about this is because the media won’t tell you and the government ignore it because they control the media, policing, the judiciary, military and the state, they don’t have to answer to anyone at all.

There has been a coup, all of our politicians are involved, all are profiting, and all are guilty by association and actions of crimes against humanity and social cleansing.

Without the emergency powers act none of this could have even started and because of that same act none of this is going to end.

james anderson



Right from the start of this “pandemic” I have had doubts, I thought they were just going to lock us up for a while so the politicians and bankers could get away with crashing the 2020 economy, just as they do every several years when the bankers can’t/won’t pay their debts or get caught defrauding the nation.

In 2019 the bankers and politicians knew our country was going to riot over this, the domino effect would have taken a lot of tolls on our countries jobs and economy that was already on its knees due to 19 previous years of forced political austerity and forced collective poverty because of the last set of banking robberies.

By the end of 2019 over 350,000 British people were already dead because of the political aspirations of our own politicians, universal credit has killing more British people than any known virus since he Spanish flu and Aids.

The control mechanism through sanctions and persecution that is universal credit has been accepted as the major cause in these deaths due to malnutrition, social invalidation and suicide and many other psychological and physical health issues leading to death.

This was all before the lockdown, BEFORE covid, these things have not ended, the dead just get added into the covid numbers and no one is any the wiser, a lot of deaths are being hidden by and clamed on this pandemic.

A lot of authoritarian abuse and criminality is being ignored in the ranks of our upper echelon, even now due to the lack of police officers, because the money we pay for policing goes on its management, as with all of our emergency services, the more management one has to pay for means less workers to do the job.

Management companies run our country, badly I might add, but all of that money in taxes we pay goes to the top end of these companies, not into hiring enough workers or better pay/productivity, but into managers bank accounts.
We are going to have a repeat of last year with the pandemic, now the flu is being called delta, it hits the kids and minority groups more than others, apparently.

I am listening to the BBC narrative attacking people who have had covid and do not want to enter the experiment, basically saying you might not still have immunity after three months, all through the interview these words might, suggests and may are the predominant words, in other words these people are guessing.

I want people to remember that this is not a normal pandemic, the virus, if in deed it has been isolated, has a survivability level of 99.97%.
We are now being told of the “corona family” of virus to elongate the fear of the rhino/corona/covid/delts virus, just add a word and rebrand the dam virus AGAIN.

Either our people have lost the fucking plot altogether or this is nationalised Stockholm syndrome.

The total lack of cohesive truth or honesty from our politicians right from 3 weeks to straighten the curve to socially cleansing the elderly and the disabled with DNR forms and sending the sick back to care homes our politicians have lied to us, nothing at all has come to pass, its criminality and deceptions and worse is yet to come.

None of it will have anything to do with the virus but everything to do with poverty, austerity and politician stealing billions in weeks at a time, so far politician have stolen in excess of 360 billion pounds of tax payer’s money and what are the tax payers doing about it, sod all, lining up for more jabs for more variants and more politician earning from our experimentation and that of our kids.

The dystopianians of Brittan have taken all of 17 months to secure their personal futures and that of their blood lines, be proud of yourselves people.

For two thousand years the upper echelons have battled the people for their dystopian society and we have handed it to them on a plate in 17 months.

at least I can now declare myself a minority, as I am not in any government genetic experimentation program, I am genetic platform free.
james andersonplease share



When the British talk about the French opposition to occupation in World War two we refer to them as the resistance, defending France and its honour from the invaders, the reality being that the great majority of French surrendered, end of.

97 percent of French people collaborated with the occupation by NOT resisting the Nazi’s, the three percent were not aided by the great majority, that great majority wanted normality back, so they collaborated.

The fraction of people left to resist the occupation were instantly split into sections and the divisions in political ideologies, social ideologies and many other issues that were there in ordinary French life from race to religion, these issues divided this small number into even smaller groups.

By the time resistance cells started to properly organise resistance few of these cells had a membership numbering more than 20, the vast majority starting with just two people.

Each group had to decide the path their resistance would take, violent or passive, judicial or gangster, political or whatever, these the majority of these groups like the communists would take a good year and a half to organise properly, much of the first assaults on the German army failed miserably, even the propaganda machine was an effort because there was little help coming in from anywhere and internal help was always risky because with collaboration and the desire for normality came betrayal.

Those who valued their personal normality of passiveness irrespective, we call it cowardice today, was only one part of society, there were many who wanted to resist but had no way of doing so with any degree of success so didnt and there were those working for the Germans and hunting those resisting.

So, we can see that the French resistance to the German armed forces was fraught with danger, especially from their own people and whilst those writing the history would fill it with lies, the honour of those who did die resisting the German occupation of France would be abused by just as many who, after the war who said they resisted and did nothing of the kind.

The real truth is these people who did resist had to learn and lean fast, whether it was armed groups or priests resisting with aid and assistance or even people offering their home or trade to the resistance, every single one of them would have to learn how to resist, this being made worse by the fact that there are very few people trained to resist, it is not in our social or religious make up or programming to resist, only to complain and comply.

A few weeks ago, I went to visit one of my members of the OGP and when I got there, he took me aside and asked me not to mention why I was meeting him in his house when his relatives were there, we had our decision on a walk down the river later that day, but the warning was clear.

When we were on our walk, I asked him about it and he told me honestly “they are frightened of you, you are nothing but trouble in their eyes, even though they know you are probably right”.

“I do know they look at me differently since I’ve declined the offer of the jab, hesitance and fear are all I feel from them when I go near them, they don’t know how to treat me.”

The division of his loved ones will only get worse as he remains steadfast in not accepting the offer of a jab or two, there are millions of families in our nation going through the same dilemma not of their own making.

To deliberate betrayal ones relatives and collaboration with state narrative against one’s own family and factual evidence is not uncommon in human beings, our historical and modern genocidal tendencies are quite evident if one care to look.

As each of you reading this contemplates collaboration with the experiment or resistance to the experiment, I would advise you to understand what you are about to do, neither is without risk and neither is gentile or honourable, it is the darkest you are ever going to be in ten life times.

Your conscience, moral and spiritual will have to be put under severe restrictions from now on, only on the rare occasion can you even take your guilt for what you do out of its box.

If you can’t restrain your humanity, you are in the wrong place, look at the huminites being handed out to you, very few people you are going to be resisting will show you their humanity and these people would sacrifice you for their self-preservation in less than a heartbeat.

When I left the following day, I could feel his partners eyes drilling me as we left for the local bus to get me home, I made a few enemies in that mans house, at least one of them would sell may ass to the opposition without looking for reward or favour.

I watched many ordinary people become partisans with the breakup of the forms state of Yugoslavia, many of these poor souls did not have the time for passive or temperamental resistance or training and acclimatisation to resistance, ethnic cleansing will do that, make the desperate into killers and the passive into corpses.

I look around at my own people and I do not see many actually willing to do anything other than hope people like me are wrong when invariably we are not.

Our personal concepts of honour loyalty trust and respect are being challenged by the two-jab scenario, do we trust our politicians or our instincts, do we trust the msm narrative or our own homework, do we trust our closest or are we being disengaged from them, you have a lot to think about, resistance is not just a word, it will be a lifestyle until you win or lose.

It will challenge your faith in concepts of gods and religions, your concept of freedom liberty and justice will be challenged by those willing to experiment on you and your children, the reality of all of the above is that this is just a drip in the ocean of “what is resistance and how do I do it”.

James anderson



With the obvious one being “god said I should do it” one can easily see how humans make up a situation and with that someone to blame. We are experts at this scenario psychology.

In childhood we learn this tactic by emotionally blackmailing our parents with, for arguments sake, a child wanting for the sake of wanting will use “I’m hungry, you don’t feed me right, ill tell my grand, or social services”, this skill is honed as we grow.

Some find better manners of persuasion but for the most part threats and psychological force do work faster if sometimes with very adverse results, me being one of them.

At the moment the sinners are those not in the government experiment and the saints are the politicians, scientists, and anyone with two jabs.

The two-jab hero’s will be willingly to send their own children into this experiment to save the elderly, for the first time in our history our children are going to be experimented on en mass with a genetic product that can’t stop the virus at all.

Where is the logic of “if one is not vaccinated none are safe” if the dam vaccine works?

Any-who I digress, where is the logic of your own vision and emotions concerning this pandemic, there had been 00.03 percent deaths in the world because of covid apparently, it was 10.00 percent with the black death, the numbers are just not adding up bit the twist we are told to make us believe its more it “those who have died 28 days after having a covid test and tested positive” irrespective of underlying illnesses (the vulnerable).

Not mentioning the lack of seasonal flu deaths numbers in the vulnerable and elderly and a little trick of not telling people that if they die after a positive covid test, even if it is a motor bike accident, you are added into the covid numbers, even if a fridge falls on your head from the space station, covid.

Racing is going ahead as I write this, the rich are flaunting their wears and the poor are in social quarantine, you could make that excrement up in a pandemic.

Can you imagine the days of the black plague if they had opened up the races, there would have been wholesale slaughter, the numbers would have been 90.00 percent and not 10 percent?

Before I go on let me thank those who are sharing my posts as they too risk being banned, whilst this may not seem like much, they risk their files being sent to FTAC as mine was, this is not pretend or movie excrement people, speaking out is dangerous.

I would also like to add my personal opinion concerning the experiment and our children.

I am in the ranks of both the vulnerable with my health and registered as disabled, if io go to hospital and there are complications I will not be resuscitated, irrespective of mine or anyone else’s wishes.

I do not want one child to be experimented on to protect me, id rather you just shoot me now, because to ask your child to risk their lives and health for me at 59 and with a health condition and PTSD.

That for me is fucking awful, twists and just…. No.

No child should be offered that kind of emotional blackmail because may will accept because they want to protect people like me, because they are children, they are kind, easily manipulated and just as psychologically vulnerable as I am health wise.

Before these carries on we need to ask those most at risk, those like me if they would rather just accept the virus, I would, just give me the dam thing if I croak it, so be it, my path is my path, but to make a child walk into this kind of risk to add a step to my path is selfish and immoral.

It is morally and fundamentally wrong.

Those demanding this experiment carry on into our children are cowards of the worst order.

I would rather risk my life with this virus than ask any child to risk theirs just so I might live a bit longer.

James anderson




If you have a god then I hope your god forgives you because the children and the unvaccinated never will.

if it was your decision to kick off about these people not being in the experiment you are in, then you are wrong, because these people either don’t want to, or for medical reasons can’t be in the experiment.

You volunteered to be experimented on, not the children.

If you have a god then start talking too him or her because you have no right, moral or otherwise to demand other people do as you do because you are doing it.

The fact that you have chosen to enter a government genetic vaccine therapy experiment, that is accepted as an experiment by those doing it to you, then be silent, you volunteered to be in the experiment, that is your choice to be in the experiment, no one else need pay for your mistakes.

Making an enemy of your friends and family because they don’t want the experiment is selfish and self-centred, there is no basis for your objections when you don’t want to understand what this experiment is about, it has very little to do with a rebranded flu,

If you can read English then go one to the websites of the manufacturers of your “vaccine”, you will see it is a genetic platform, this is attached to your genes, when you get an illness, they add a part to the platform to bridge the problem.

Although at the time they were not telling you it’s an experimental gene therapy but telling you it’s a vaccine when it was not and is not, per say, you didn’t bother to ask what that meant.

The government promised those who took the “vaccine” that this “vaccine” would give you 100 percent effectiveness against all serious illnesses.

I hope you understand the enormity of that simple little statement, it means you have 100 percent effectiveness against all serious illnesses, except covid variants apparently.

what serious illnesses do you now have 100 percent effectiveness against, do you know of just one?

do you have 100 percent effectiveness against any of the 260 different kinds of cancerous illnesses or hay fever, aids, hepatitis B, mental health illnesses, Ebola, Parkinson’s, what illnesses do you now have 100 percent effectiveness against?

At the start we were told this virus would only attack the vulnerable.

We were told that healthy people and children would not be harmed or even know they have had the virus, the whole countries population is being experimented on to save who, the vulnerable?

first it was the vulnerable and the over 70’s who needed the experiment

then over 50’s had to be included

then over 30’s

then over 20’s

now it’s the children who need the experiment

what part of that do you not see as a deception?

The government killed most of those vilnerable people off last winter with do not resuscitate forms and sending them when they were infected back into care homes, the government killed these people the virus was just the bullet to end the game.

Many thousands of vulnerable people have been socially cleansed, or murdered as normal people would call it, with the same DNR forms, do not resuscitate, signed on their behalf with or without consent, these people were killed to save the NHS from collapsing.

As those vulnerable people were left to die in agony you watched the doctors and nurses dance for you, you clapped as those poor souls were dying right behind those same doctors and nurses.

I’m sorry but you now have to take the responsibility for your own decisions and refuse to allow others to be forced into your experiment.

By allowing anyone to be forced into this experiment because you have allowed this experiment on yourself is criminal and unforgiving, you make yourself the enemy.

Your choice, either stop these people experimenting on children or accept the responsibility for what happens to these children, they are going to be experimented on because you believe they are a danger to you, prove it.

so, to all of those who are in this government genetic experiment, start asking questions before you allow politicians to experiment on our children, because if your god will not hold you accountable for your part in this experiment on our genetics, the survivors will.




As I sit and watch the start of the races, I am not looking at the races, I am looking at those behind, the rich and famous, I’m looking to see what they know that we don’t know.

Whilst we watch the main presenters, in the background there is a man being interviewed, there is no social distancing or masks, the behaviour of these three on the screen behind our social distanced presenters. is not in the spirit of a pandemic at all.

The interviewee and presenters are showing us they, just as with many politicians and their cohorts breaking the lockdown rules and compliances over this pandemic, they either don’t care there is a pandemic or they don’t believe there is a pandemic, or they have been told its trash, either or ether something is just not right when those in authority and their peers are flaunting the pandemic rules.

If one of those three on the screen has got the bug, any variant, then as with the football, the G7 and many other organised events, we are going back into lockdown in September or October, because irrespective of if you have had the jab, the variants won’t stop being variants and mutating.

In retrospect, this is no different from the never ending was on terror that vanished in the last 18 months with the flu deaths, it’s a revolving door of variants and mutations and more jabs and lockups until the experiment is due to end.

Those with the jab that volunteered are now worried about side effects in menstruation cycles, headaches always going from worry to being lethargic, many side effects are not being given on the MSN because there would be riots.

The numbers of those who have died of the bug alone still have not been presented to the public, only those who died with the bug after a test, so why would politicians not tell us the correct numbers of those dying OF the bug alone?

Why the perception of deception of those who died with the bug and why are there no flu deaths for the last two winters?

If one removes the seasonal flu numbers from the numbers the news tells us are victim of the pandemic then the numbers of those who have actually died of the bug, or its variants becomes criminally suspect indeed.

Perception in deception is paramount, the victims must see and feel what you want them to feel, auto suggestion, subliminal programming, and many other psychological attacks all at the same time to flood the individual with many different fears, one can be broken but multitudes of different fears are hard to deconstruct once the victim is programmed.

Deconstructing designed fear can be done, the same job on a multitude of levels at the same time and mounting, now this needs the whole program to be understood, there is always a simple reason for a complex deception.

The races for the rich caries on irrespective, just as with last year, games and variants and experimentation.

Ascot is holding a “test” allowing its 11 thousand spectators to have no masks and no social restrictions, the staff have to wear masks etc but not the rich people there to spend a lot of money, 11 thousand people who will go to the races and spread a variant of greed and a variant or ten of the virus, if the variants exist.

Yesterday in parliament a top tory demanded to know why the restrictions are still in place when the emergency is over.

He voted against the continuation of the restrictions because the emergency is over, he knows its over, politicians know there is no longer any emergency, so do the NHS and the rich at the races, there are a lot of people in the upper echelons who understand the emergency is over, the pandemic is over.

This is all about the experiment in genetic medicine now, not the emergency.

The emergency power act allowed the genetic experiment, not the virus, the emergency powers are being used to continue this experiment, not the virus, politicians have to stop the experiment if the emergency is over.

Now do you understand the experiment.

Without the emergency there would be no authority for any of this because it was stated an emergency, the authority to lockdown and experiment on our people was allowed, politicians need to finish the experiment, or the experiment was pointless.

There is no emergency. This should end and the trails for corruption of science and treason begin, there needs to be law and order in parliament and our politicians can no longer be allowed to experiment on us under an emergency that in reality is over.




the abuse of policing by common consent

Mandatory, to use the law to get what politicians want if people don’t want to volunteer for what politicians want.

To offer a vaccine, to ask people to come forward for a vaccine.

To decline, to not take up that offer

Mandatory, to force acceptance of the offer

Offer, to ask if someone wants

To lie, to tell people at first it is a vaccine, then to tell them it is not a vaccine as they understand the context of a vaccine but an experimental genetic platform.

There is an epidemic of institutional and systemic child rape and abuse in the ranks of our lords’ representatives’ politicians and their peers, in our religions, sports media and care system

Systemic corruption in parliament, 350 billion pounds of tax payer’s money has vanished into the pockets of all friends’ colleges and associates of our own politicians for little return if any at all.

Our political parties, the card-carrying membership and leaderships have all been accused of racism and anti-Semitism, islamophobia, homophobia and a multitude of other issues the child abuse is just the top of a very large list of criminality.

Politicians make new laws to stop these things and the laws don’t work because they, as those running the system never moves forward, those running the system never seem to learn from the lessons, the first being that it’s the responsibility of all of the honest politicians, lords police officers and their peers, teachers, journalists, priests and community workers and nhs workers  to challenge these issues from within not let the perpetrators hide behind titles and privileges.

The police have been accused of systemic and institutional corruption, parliament is corrupted to the core, these failures are not the people’s failures, it’s the people in the jobs screwing things up, not the system.

The system is made up of people, understand that these are just people like you and i, they are the responsible for that which is in the system, remove these people and we can have a new system with new people running it, instead we, the people, keep allowing those who fail constantly to give us what we need promotions and titles, politicians have failed to give us eutopia constantly,  but they have their dystopia now.

Those in charge made a fundamental change to our country with the removal of instant legal assistance and aid for the people of our nation and rationing legal aid to cases the government are unlike to lose, especially human rights issues and the epidemic of child abuse.

By removing and rationing legal aid the government and those allowing this abuse of power, politicians are outside of the law, for anyone to abuse the human rights of an individual is not a criminal offence, it is a civil offence even if the victim is dead, its not a criminal issue but a civil court issue.

Few people can afford a lawyer, only those arrested for a criminal offence gets free legal aid.

If you need to take a politician to court for abusing your human rights with their political policies then you have more chance of being bitten by a daffodil, just not gonna happen.

The common consent of the people is the only weapon the people have, without the right to remove our consent to all of those we employ in the system the system can not change, because we are never rid of bad leadership, they get promoted to the house of lords etc.

So, the systemic failures never go, the systemic failure of politicians to actually give the people anything other than austerity and poverty in the new millennium just as we started the last millennium and the one before, its not the system that is failing, it is we the people who are failing, we are failing ourselves by allowing our vote to be abused.

We don’t ever get to actually sack useless politicians they get prompted and hidden away in powerful jobs.

Politicians responsible for universal credit policies that have caused the death of hundreds of thousands of our own people have all been given privileges beyond belief, including licenses to sell cannabis oils to the nhs, the same nhs that lords and peers etc have shares in, the same politicians lords and peers that have criminalised cannabis oils.

Holding cannabis oils from the people who have cancerous illnesses is just criminal profiteering when politicians’ friends and colleagues can grow and sell 60 odd tones of cannabis and sell it to the nhs, who then withhold it from those who it might help, the fact that police resources protect politically protected crony cannabis farms should be illegal, they are not policing they are guarding.

The policing or the actions of those in authority is non-existent, 50 years pf unpoliced child abuse, banking crimes, tax avoidances, tax havens etc shows without question that the governance of our governance is imperative as we can not trust those who govern to do the job with any integrity or honesty.

Without absolute honesty, we have a cabal in governance. Without absolute control of these people’s actions and policies we are just victims to their will as we have seen over the last 17 months.

Now we have the ultimate abuse, no jab, no job.

This goes against every single right anyone has, its against several conventions our politicians have signed up too including the human right act, the Nuremberg principles and the Geneva convention in the treatment of civilians. This being bypassed by authorities using the mental health act to overrule those who do not want to be experimented on.

Forced medical experiments are illegal, immoral and highly suspicious because the positive promotions have not worked, people just don’t believe the narrative of a pandemic because so far there has not been mass deaths of healthy adults of children as a pandemic should have.

The jab is experimental, two years of an experimental vaccine that is not a vaccine per say or as you know a vaccine to be.

Politicians and the scientists are exempt from accountability on this experiment, as with the other issues like child abuse.

If we do not change how, we are governed and govern our own politicians first then this dangerous dystopian experiment will go wrong and there are no assurances it will go right as is the nature of every experiment.