YOU WERE TOLD AND NOW IT’S TOO LATE; THE NWO IS FULLY IN CONTROL Whilst we have been herded into our own countries, towns cities and homes to be tagged with a “vaccine” under the auspice of a deadly pandemic, the new world order you were all going to fight to stop took over.

As usual those willing to fight were too few and those parading their bullshit retrospectively have gone very silent, like Q, whilst you are distracted with the maxwell woman her client list cleared the boards by either buying the victims off as with prince Andrews case or the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children got protected by parliament under the official secrets act.

Whilst you thought the NWO upper echelons were fighting for their survival and the deep state was collapsing, the last two years have allowed these people to take over large parts of their respective country’s laws and legislative bodies from the police to the courts, in short, whilst you hid from the virus, they took over the western world without a shot or protest.

You spoke too much and failed to act and now all we have is either react or accept.

Accepting what I see in front of me isn’t difficult, the Ukraine is a distraction of complicated proportions, it’s about NATO, Nazi’s, natural resources, oil gas and the deep state bankers who have shown they will abuse democratic countries and peoples without hesitation.

In order for the world to function smoothly it was agreed that one system would cover foreign trade so every country could trade in one currency through a few international banks and systems like “swift”, when politicians started to close down democratic truckers in Canada from the money donated to them from the canadine public this agreement was broken, not just on a local level in Canada but universally.

This tactic is being used against Russia and Belarus, by removing countries from international currency transfers it has shown the hand of the western leadership and their bankers, the reality is the leadership of the western world will use economic terrorism, austerity, poverty and abuse their “customers” any time they want to for a better profit and return.

It has also shown the world and all of its people that when countries and their societies go cash free the bankers and politicians will be able to absolutely control any population collectively or individually simply by turning off their accounts.

Because this means that any countries government can close down lawful and legitimate protests by remove any funding in banks and closing the protest down financially altogether, the concept of freedom has just been pushed into the hinterland for many generations to come.

Now politicians can take donated monies from bank accounts of legitimate protesters this brings organised mass protests to an end because the reasons used to close down accounts makes those owning the accounts into criminals, suggestively if not in factually.

The deep state and NWO you all swore to demolish, to challenge and fight till the last man and woman, has screwed you all so deep you thanked them and clapped for them, even after you were mugged off with the jab for a non-deadly virus to healthy people.

The anti-1984 merchants and the anti-deep state warriors who were going to stand united didn’t, you spent all of your time talking, now many of you will find someone or something to blame and never learn the first lesson in resistance, when you fuck up, admit it accept it and learn from it.

Instead of learning this I fear the denial of the failed will set the resistance further back than we were before the fake pandemic.

Even though a new breed of leader were and are there to fight with and follow during the last two years, the vast majority of people instead of thinking first and logically, abandoned their own families and friends over this corona.

They were divided over the virus, the fake vaccine that isn’t a vaccine per say, divided by psychological genders and identities, the constant divisions in “race” creed religions and colour a repetitive mind fuck for anyone with half an ounce of intelligence.

Politicians in our country hold the cures for many cancerous issues, and we all know it, resistance too this criminality, absolute zero, nada nothing zilch and sod all, politicians and their scientist hold cures for illnesses, you know it and might die from the illnesses but do nothing about them holding the cure from you, are you fking sure?

No wonder the Saville brigade still in office laugh at us, they can rape little kids and get away with it and for the last two years have terrifying us with “facts about the virus” the data we were terrified with, they all had, and our politicians and their scientists partied over those two years

They were not afraid of the data or the virus, they were not

frightened of their people, they just frightened the people instead and partied like it was a new world order victory procession for those two years.

Two years to solidify the new world order, that’s all it took, the right kind of fear and voila, job done.

You didn’t support the leaders who volunteered to lead you, instead of people rallying around them collectively you expected those leaders to rally around you as an individual to easy your woes, to gain comfort from them.

Many of the leader’s people have turned too expected to win with their followers when it is known practice that one can’t lead the comfortable, the tolerant, the sympathetic, the deniers etc because they don’t want to be, they want to follow standing still.

The great majority, just as with the mass French collaboration during the Nazi occupation of their country, resistance members will be very few and far between until it looks like you are winning, then everyone will claim they were part of the resistance, if you look like you are going to lose you will be betrayed.

Brutal leaders, as is with those in power today, are in power because of their brutality, Boris or Putin, it makes no difference, bullying and brutality is what these people were taught, teach and practice on each other, you not accepting this makes you an easier and mora malleable victim, nothing more.

You want leadership with a leader who is compassionate, considerate, moral, ethical, etc, at the same time that leader has to understand that turning the other cheek just means opposition can break your jaw with two shots instead of one, a brutal leader for a brutal war is not always a necessity but a leader without real life experience in a psychological war will be defeated pretty dam fast.

For all of you would be resistance members, you all failed in the last battles because you expected your leaders to work with rhetoric and promises, boots on the ground covers ground, rhetoric and promises cover nothing.

There should be “freedom” group memberships numbering in their millions in our country, instead we see and feel the reality of a mentally and morally vacuumed people pretending, though wanting, to be better than they are.

James s anderson




it is no wonder our country is broken, its been broken for many decades, its not going to be fixed because the people of our country don’t have the stomach for it.

we all understand the con of the jab and scamdemic by now those not knowing our reality don’t want to know.

james s anderson

the roland ss battalion
the nightengale ss battalion
the 14 ss grenadere battalion




Little boys are told they can have a menstrual cycle

Children degenderized in school and re-genderized by the school psychologist

Identity reshaped from a spiritual to an actual

Reclassification of gender based parental titles to an unidentified participant, both being birthing partners

None will hold ownership of “their” children, the state has responsibility for the child first

The health of the individual is of no importance only the collective

Over 260 different reassignment genders invented to accompany unlimited psychologically reassigned identities

To identify as or with is now more important that the self-identity of the soul on a human journey with no name, no colour, no material ownership, the person before constructed societies.

there are eight bloody good reasons why ordinary people need to grow up and stared acting like educated adults, because if you don’t do it now then we have no future, only a surreal reality for our children and their children’s children.

The health and wellbeing of every person will be bound to politicians and their scientists, psychologists, and the self-serving criminality of all three institutions and the people employed therein.

The psychology used in the last two years will be repeated with different fear levels to control the population en mass.

You owe nothing to me nor i to you, but we owe every child a decent chance at a decent future, what is here is our fault, we understood criminals were in charge and went into permanent and repetitive denial.

With the threat of a deadly pandemic having vanished as quickly as it appeared the vacuum that should have filled with the anger of our people was turned into more fear, only this time its a war in Europe.

There has been a war going on in Europe for eight years in the Ukraine, but politician didn’t need you to know that all you know is that for over a week the Russians have been in the Ukraine.

Our own politicians are prosecuting people who have joined foreign fundamentalist armed organisations, the news of the Ukrainian international units being formed with British people is being supported and encouraged by those same politicians who criminalised the practice only last year, selective justice is quite common in Britain and only going to get worse.

We have scores of thousands of people in refugee camps who have been trying to get to Britain for over ten years all over the coast of France, politicians don’t want those war refugees, but Ukrainian ones are fine, selective victim recognition is very common in the uk too.

Just as with the charities springing up all over Facebook and the media in the uk for the Ukraine and the outpouring of sympathy from our people and our politicians is so false when only a few months ago we and our allies abandoned Afghanistan to recognised terrorists, selective sympathy for victims, those we make and those we allow.

Half of Afghanistan are now living with starvation, the people of Iraq, Libya, Syria and many more countries have been left in obliterated towns and cities, we the British and our allies left them that way and we have sympathy for Ukraine, the hypocrisy must be killing people in refugee camps from wars of our own making.

is this really what you want to be life?

politicians made all of the above, if we govern our politicians, we govern the future.

James s anderson




Over the last few weeks, I have been amazed that the last two years of politicians and scientists experimenting on us all lying and deceiving us and our children with the flu and ruining two whole years of our lives would be so easily forgotten or not even talked about.

I can’t believe people have jumped straight from fear of a virus and us killing our elderly etc, to fear of not being vaccinated with a vaccine that is not a vaccine per say, or a vaccine you would understand a vaccine to be, to the fear of fuel prices, the cost of living and now World War three in less than four weeks.

No one talks about the virus, the vaccine that isn’t a vaccine, the cost to us in our lives, our jobs, taxes stolen to the tune of over 50 BILLION pounds, much of this going to friends and associates of politicians.

No one wants to talk about any of the last two years of harm hurt and pain in our lives, and that is the classic symptoms of how the majority of abused people behave, by shoving the pain and sorrow inflicted on to them into the back of their minds and ignoring it because they don’t know how to deal with it.

For two years our people have been criminally and psychologically abused, deceived, robbed, and subjugated mentally by those professing to be our political representatives and representing the political aspirations of our nation.

None of which has happened in our country since 1965, since then there has been no (politically) ideological representation of the majority, only of a minority, this minority of our population who vote do not represent the nation, only the tory part etc, the majority in our country understand it is criminal corruption in politics and do not want to be a part of it.

The fact that no political party in the uk has a card carrying membership of over 200,000 should tell you all you need to know about political ideological parties, they have very little actual membership.

The saying if you don’t vote the bad guys get in is bullshit, they are in all of our parties, not one political party stands on a solid ideology to give to us, so we just get conned with wars and psychological warfare, dystopianism is here to stay unless the people of our country stop being victims, but I fear they will not, it’s easier being the victim and ignoring the fact you are a victim for a peaceful unfulfilled life when the only living we are allowed to do is when we are told to do so.

Its going to get a lot worse for your children and their children if you don’t shake this excrement from your heart and minds and our society.

We need proper protection from politicians and those they bow too.

Being a perpetual victim is not in my liking at all………… .

James s anderson


We are the darkness, we are the light

We walk frightened into the darkness

Because we can not see what’s there

We imagine all sorts of hurting

And a place where no one will care

When I step into the darkness

I make my own light

I understand how to survive in there

I understand the fight

I have fought the darkness many times

And in order to break free

I had to fight the darkest mind

And that was inside me

Does it shock you me admitting

I have a mind as dark as coal

My mind is just a tool I use

A small part of the light of my soul

A darkened part I do admit

But without it what would I be

Another part of the acceptance brigade

Repeating I am free

We or I or they and them

Those names are just refinery

To turn our children more compliant

The key word here non binary

Non binary means just that

They will always be alone

The psychology of always looking

Turning emotional children to stone

Our emotions and instincts make us human

Our souls make us so much more than this

Our moral conscience is the voice justice

Our passion the ultimate bliss

But we are not allowed to be real human beings

Our natural being is being dismembered

In another 20 years my friends

Man and woman won’t be remembered

Little boys will be the little girls

Little girls their innocence defiled

Little non binary soulless beings

Not allowed to be a child

We are the darkness

We are the light

The only difference between us

Is which one we use in a fight

James s Anderson.





















if I could show you the wonder that is you

maybe you could see past material things

maybe you can feel the depths of your heart

and the joys that your heart brings

if I could convince you that you are the light

and its brutal raw and stark

and if you can capture the light in you

it can lead you through the dark

this darkness you feel enveloping you

with vaccines covid and more

the helplessness you feel inside right now

and being frightened to the core

this is all coming from your telly

its called a program for a reason

because if I put the right program in

I can convince you these no treason

I could convince you that a vaccine works

or aliens are on their way

I could convince you made up money’s real

and the debt is for you to repay

I could say the queen’s a lizard

or the Mayans got the date wrong

with a program I could convince you

you are listening to the mute sing a song

if I could pull you from the programs

and show you that freedom is real

i fear you would let the program run

and only hate for me you would feel

the programs all have purpose

telling you who and what to fight

telling you who the enemy is

and how they are turning out the light

civil wars are no longer on the battle fields

and the brutality is far less kind

the battle politicians are waging

is the battle for your mind.

james s anderson



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The only paths left to take

The only paths left to take: Subjugation and illusion or the truth and personal sovereignty?

The unfortunate thing is that sovereignty, the word and meaning has been corrupted to mean “a sovereign” or “the sovereign”, both of these titles are dominating titles of perceived power over you as an individual.

You, without your phone and houses are just another animal, a soul on a human journey, without your weapons you would be on the dinner list of many other better and wiser predators, only our weapons make us the dominant species, nothing more.

A sovereign is a person who by word of god, law or force claims you, me and our lands as their property.

Irrespective of the fact that our personal sovereignty is, for us to give and not to be taken, a sovereign takes your freedom of choice.

Today the western news channels have removed RT today, the fact that this has reduced the information our people get concerning the war in the Ukraine and all we get is the spin and very few actual facts is very destrurbing.

Removing my choice to see the other side of an argument or war is abusing my personal right to decide for myself who is in the right or wrong, at the moment we are being told who is in the wrong.

Just as with the pandemic that has vanished and the vaccine that isn’t a vaccine per say and not a vaccine as you would understand a vaccine to be, what we know is only what we are told because to many people are just too dam lazy to go look for the truth.

The war has been going on in the Ukraine for over eight years, the Russians invaded a week ago, what do you personally know about the previous eight years of conflict in the Ukraine?

Not a lot…!

Today on British news again I saw Ukrainian soldiers chatting with the press and on this guys arm is a waffen SS deaths-head battalion insignia.

You can see the deaths head insignia; another was wearing the lion and three crowns of the 14th waffen SS grenadier battalion, you are seeing Ukrainian Waffen SS battalions on your news and don’t even understand what you are looking at.

Lets get this right people, you are forming opinions based on the media that are SHOWING you waffen SS battalions, the insignia is clear for all to see, yet you cant get a cognitive relationship between these battalions, Hitler, genocide, and mass murder.

You are being shown so much in the pictures you don’t see the finer details you should be seeing.

I have spent all of my life looking at the finer details of what I see around me, my life depended on it, what I missed would or could torture me harm me or kill me, I’m a stickler for the finer details.

The fact that this is a war to stop eight years of a two sided conflict in the Ukraine and the eastern autonomous regions and ethnic abuse is ignored by the British press, this is not a war that has started in the Ukraine, it’s the ending of eight years of neo Nazi battalions abusing the people of the Ukraine who are terrified of them, but you wont see that on our news.

There is nothing even remotely right about our press in the UK, they have been used for two years to terrify us into vaccines that are not vaccines and have not made any difference at all, terrified us into lockdown when the politicians and scientist partied their little hearts out.

You poor fools, what makes this all the more sad for me is you all know the truth about the pandemic by now and are doing nothing to hold those responsible to account.

On information from scientists our politicians tore our nation, people and economy to bits and partied as they were doing it, is that one fact not sickening you?

Are we, as a people, so empty and shallow that this is our lot, subjugation through fear, told what is right even when the pictures they show us shows us the wrong in the picture, like SS battalions alive and killing in Europe again eighty years after world war two’s ideologies have been suppressed?

My granddads generation will be turning in their graves and the epitaphs for world war two should weep the sorrow of the lost souls we never learnt a thing from, because those they fought to destroy, the SS and Nazi’s are back again, only this time with our politicians arming and supporting them in the last eight years of terror they have caused in eastern Ukraine.

If my generations grandparents could communicate from the grave the disgust at our stupidity and comfort would be cutting for all of us, we have learnt nothing from their sacrifice.

James s Anderson


lies and deception, UK modern news

when we only see one side of the story it is becuase there is something to hide on the other side, in this case its the genocide in the ukraine, even the israeli press has got this story running, it is happening and our politicians are covering it up by closing down news outlets who are reporting this.





Today in Poland our prime minister was asked during a press interview from a young Ukrainian woman when the UK will militarily defend the Ukraine.

He said he would not be doing so.

For over eight years our Tory government have implied to the Ukraine that the UK would defend the Ukraine, NATO and the European union has been implying Ukrainian membership is not far off, the reality being neither was even remotely going to happen.

NATO involvement in the Ukrainian (maidan) revolution has been proven in court, several prosecutions for armed insurrection during the revolution have shown NATO involvement and a NATO death squad, of course this news is not for the British press to comment on.

For years the western politicians have implied that the Ukraine would be defended to the last, then Europe seen the rise of the far right in the Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Germany, all of them raising the ghosts of waffen SS divisions and battalions.

The Ukrainian, with the aid of France and Poland signed the minks agreement eight years ago, since then it has hung in suspended political animation, it is just one of those phalluses politicians make up when the need arises for the good of their own not the good of others.

The Minsk agreement was never going to be put into practice; the neo Nazi stopped those ideas stone dead. Just as with Czechoslovakia in the late 1930’s, the implication of protection from the west went on for years until German troops moved in then Britain and Europe went very silent.

On these implied promises from western leaders and politicians countries have stood their ground and been betrayed. When the Ukrainian leader got the job he didn’t understand how deep the Nazi had control of his country, by time he became aware it was too late, NATO, Britain and Europe had tooled these neo Nazi’s up so much they were out of control in the disputed eastern regions of the Ukraine.

Whilst the UK news told nothing of the last eight years of war in eastern Ukraine, neo Nazi battalions such as the Ukrainian 14th SS and battalions such as the nightingale battalion and Roland battalions have been running riot in the Ukraine.

I can’t believe I am writing about SS battalions fighting Russians in the Ukraine and I’m not in 1941 but in 2022.

Latvian legions are being honoured in Latvia, the polish Lithuanian and Estonian SS battalions and divisions are again being honoured in these eastern European countries, several of whom are members of NATO and the European Union, the union that Hitler never managed to pull off with war.

I can’t help but look at history and know for certain we will never learn from it because we allow politicians to control it, they in turn will manipulate it and us irrespective of our ideologies or philosophies.

When I first wrote about these battalions I was expecting an American wave of anti Nazi sentiment, a British reminder of why our country fought Hitler and silence from the French, let’s be honest, there were few occupied nations in world war two that did not drop into collaboration, passive or otherwise.

Instead all I have had is people saying that don’t believe it, well believe it my friends, once against you have been conned by politicians, they know the Nazis are in charge behind the scene in the Ukraine, because we armed and trained these people.

The Metro news rag had a Ukrainian soldier helping an old person find their “papers” at a checkpoint, on the mans left arm was his unit insignia, a lion with three crowns; it was the insignia of the Ukrainian 14th SS battalion alive and kicking in the Ukraine.

Had our news channels been independent of political censorship we would have known about this eight years ago, they were kept silent.

Just as with the data of this fake pandemic the politicians were not frightened of that they terrified us all with, its smoke and mirrors of criminality and corruption.

I do not agree with, but I understand the reasons for the invasion of the Ukraine, the Ukrainian people should have sorted these neo Nazi’s out themselves before they got out of control, they didn’t, now it is what it is, a new generation of Russians in the Ukraine engaging with a new generation of Nazi’s.

Our foreign minister stated when pressed in an interview that she would let British people go and defend the Ukraine, this of course would be an international brigade that is already being formed, at least that removes many of our troublesome neo Nazi’s for a while, until they come home, if they get home.

Can you see what is going on here?

James s Anderson




Irrespective of your concept of freedom the last two years you have been a prisoner of your politicians and their scientists.

You have been frightened to hell with a rebranded flu and given a vaccine that the politicians and scientist say is not a vaccine per say and not a vaccine as you would understand a vaccine to be, i.e. its not a bloody vaccine at all.

Few will actually have the courage to demand to know EXACTLY what this jab is, what it is supposed to do and what it is actually doing and demand the facts be provably truthful.

Few people in Britain will have the courage to challenge the politicians and their child abuse, banking crimes, money laundering, holding the cures for cancerous illnesses or even the billions of pounds stolen in banking robberies and pandemic fraudulence.

Our country has lost over 80 billion pounds to bankers and politicians corruption and criminality in less than eight years.

80 billion pounds in banking crimes, fraud, deceptions and medical/pandemic criminality of the likes never seen before in British history, and that takes some dam effort.

But whilst the hero’s of our nation scream about saving Ukraine, saving Somalia etc, our own nation, its economy, morality, spirituality and culture are being destroyed by those elected to represent the political aspirations of our voting public.

The voting public, what a joke, conned every time and still choose the con artists who mugged them off at the previous elections.

When a “party” fails and is de elected they go on to opposition benches, still useless but now being paid to be useless as the opposition.

Where is the labour opposition to the child abuse in their own ranks and the ranks of our lords representatives and their peers, it is non existent.

There is the lib dem opposition to the human rights abuses that have cost half a million lives because of universal credit?

HALF A MILLION of our people are dead because of the policies of our politicians.

If the Russians had done that harm to our people, we would be at war with Russia, but our own politicians can cause the direct and indirect death of half a million of our unarmed  and defenceless people and no one has anything to say about it, its sickening, its hypocritical and it’s cowardly.

OUN militia terrorise eastern Ukraine for eight years and our politicians have nothing to say about it in those eight years except to sponsor and train these Nazi militias, Russia invades to stop the neo Nazi’s and our politicians kick right off, they wont mention our part in funding and training these neo Nazi militias, but Russia is in the wrong for trying to stop them.

Our politicians arm these militias and we have nothing to say when they use these weapons to commit war crimes.

Today Ukrainian artillery can be seen firing from residential areas and using the locals as human shields, our politicians have nothing to say about this either.

Our politicians are trying to remove Russia from swift and many other financial systems, yes, in the short term it will harm Russian people, but when Russia eventually turns the gas to Europe off because they cant get payments for their gas from Europe and the swift system, then what will our politicians do, invent the gas the UK and Europe needs coming from Russia?

One thing I despise the most is being deceived, I don’t like being lied to, defrauded, robbed or abused by laws I don’t agree with or agreed too, all of which those who are professing to represent the political aspirations of our nation do consistently, we the people are being abused on several levels by those professing to represent us.

The very fact most people understand political representation is a con trick is amazing, we actually vote for people we know are not honest, have no integrity and have the same moral conscience of any other abuser and it only comes into play when they get caught.

For eight years as the eastern Ukrainians have been shelled and terrorised by neo Nazi’s, we, in the UK, have taken austerity, a scamdemic, two years of our lives stolen, injected with unknown compounds, terrorised with fear and dread.

At the same time the British people lost two years of our lives, those who had the data of this virus that had us all under lockdown and restrictions were having parties and doing what they bloody wanted, including robbing us economy.

Our politicians laugh at you and you wear it, they force austerity and poverty, you wear it, they inject your children and deface them for a rebranded flu and you wear that too, at what point will the people of the UK say enough is enough?

Will you wait until our dictatorship destroys all of us?

James s Anderson

Founder of




Today in the Ukraine when all is said and done the actions of the western world should be a lesson to the rest of the world, the west will shoot itself in both feet if need be to please American politicians and get massive American loans.

All American wars are economic, for example, the communism American politicians and industrialists hate so much is hated because it is about sharing the wealth of a nation between the people, this does not fit with their capitalist privateering  ideology of “what yours is mine and what is mine is my own”

A trait well learnt by colonial America as it murdered its way across native America and left a trail of death and genocide its wake.

Lets not forget that genocide is not new, England tried several times to irradiate the population of Scotland Ireland and Wales long before the first American was even contemplated or conceived.

Even the Romans tried a bit of genocide when it was needed from a financial point of view of course, fewer mouths to feed and all that.

There has rarely been a time in history when western ideological genocide was not predominantly economically motivated, the few exceptions being the British, Americans and the Germans, the Belgians also had a pop at genocide for a while in Africa, the Spanish and Portuguese in the southern America’s, so genocide is not new, just faster.

Today there are Russian troops in the Ukraine, the Russians fear a return of the past, for eastern Europeans the past means  total war and total genocide.

Below are the field auxiliary police battalions enlisted into the German army from occupied eastern European countries from 1939 till 1945.

“”The auxiliary police battalions (Schutzmannschaft-Bataillonen) were created to provide security in the occupied territories, in particular by combating the anti-Nazi resistance.

Many of these battalions participated in the Holocaust and caused death on a scale never seen before in human history.

Usually the battalions were voluntary units and were not directly involved in combat.

In total, about 200 battalions were formed.

There were approximately 21 ethnic Estonian battalions

47 Latvian battalions

 26 Lithuanian battalions

 11 Belarusian battalions

 8 Tatar battalions and

71 Ukrainian Schuma battalions.

These are just the police battalions above, not the militias and volunteer battalions like the OUN enrolled into the German army and Waffen SS proper of which there were just as many including the Ukrainian SS “nightingale battalion”.

Each battalion had an authorized strength of about 500, but the actual size varied greatly.

They should not be confused with native German Order Police battalions (SS-Polizei-Bataillone) which the Order Police formed between 1939 and 1945 and which also participated in the Holocaust.

The Order Police battalions were militarised formations of the German Order Police (uniformed police) during the Nazi era. During World War II, they were subordinated to the SS and deployed in German-occupied areas, specifically the Army Group Rear Areas and territories under German civilian administration.

Alongside detachments from the Einsatzgruppen and the Waffen-SS, these units perpetrated mass murder of the Jewish population and were responsible for large-scale crimes against humanity targeting and mass murdering civilian populations and prisoners of war.

Azov Special Operations Detachment (insignia in picture) is a modern right-wing extremist and neo-Nazi unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, there are several of these units and battalions under different titles given to them by the Germans in WW2””

The above is just the historical background of what is happening today, it was practically a gentleman’s war on the western theatres of war in WW1 and WW2 as compared to the eastern theatres of war in WW1 and WW2, the western front had rules of war for the most part, the eastern front had none at all, especially in WW2.

Whilst the ordinary people of the Ukraine suffer, the modern neo Nazi battalions are engaging the Russians; the Russian leader has stated that “all Ukrainian REGULAR ARMY soldiers who put down their weapons and surrender will be treated with dignity and respect and under the Geneva convention and returned home”

The direct implication being these neo Nazi militia battalions are going to be rounded up and either shot or put on trail and then shot, but he is going to end their existence once and for all.

When the Minsk agreement was not implemented and dodged for eight years and the Nazi militias kept growing and anti Russian laws were introduced into mainstream society, when the UN was sitting to make all neo Nazi militias and organisations illegal only the Ukraine and America vetoed the motion.

Considering that many industrialists, like Henry ford, were given medals and awards by Hitler’s regime, many companies including JP Morgan funded the German expansion in the early 1930’s and the American funding of the OUN during the cold war the implications are as plain as a barn door.

American politicians like funding anyone who will oppose Russia, communist or not, because the Russian economy will eventual dwarf the American economy if the Russians ever get their trade with Western Europe and East Asia worked out.

There will be no American economy if that happens because Russian Chinese and European banks would shut America down, nukes or not.

James s Anderson




For the first time in written British history the British people are educated to the same level as our lords’ representatives and peers, this has become a double sword to those in authority, our lords, our politicians, and the PEOPLE running our major institutions such as the law.

People who can read and write can see the contradictions in words like representation when our own politicians are harming our own people, this is not the job of a politician, to make policies that hurt those they represent, it is a contradiction.

The contradictions need to be challenged, not one at a time, but as a job lot.

The way our politicians and peers get away with their criminality is because all of these issues are challenged individually.

individually they can be deflected, as a job lot of, “criminality in the ranks of our lords politicians representatives and peers” cannot be deflected, because those not committing offences will want to scream their innocence.

the guilty will attack the challengers with legalities and legislations, including the fixated threat assessment centre.

Politicians do not want to be policed because they would have to be honest.

So, on that basis, the objective governance party is not about politics or religion, it’s about making the people in these institutions obey the people they serve by governing them from a house of representatives, made up of people from the electoral registers.

those chosen at random, to oversee the laws and actions of those we trust to run our country, industry, media and other institutions of national importance like policing and prisons.

To stop the privateering of politicians and those connected too them through groups or families, these people need to understand they work FOR the people, this never includes making policies to hurt us like austerity when it was and is not necessary.

This is, by definition, psychological abuse, in forcing austerity and poverty deliberately without ANY reason other than you can.

There is nothing political in forced austerity and further poverty at all, its wanton cruelty from those who represent us as a people.

governing our parliamentarians is the duty of all of us because they can and do, harm all of us.

by forcing the issue on politicians that the child abuse etc has not ended and they by common law are outside of the law on these issues and by definition they are out laws.

we will give the population at an election an option to have those involved in parliament arrested for using the official secrets act to protect Janner Saville and smith and their cohorts……….

we mandate for the arrest of criminal politicians that have killed 300,000 of our own people with politically forced austerity, we offer the people a chance at lawful retribution.

our mandate for a house of representatives is unchangeable and unalterable, it is all of nothing, either we control politicians in the future or just like the elderly in March 2020 we will be left to die.

experimented on with gene therapy and our children turned into psychological nightmares of identity confusion gender fluidity and transhumanism.

we will mandate for the arrests of those defining the male menstrual cycles for psychological abuse on children with lies.

we need to govern our politicians without politics, we need a house of representatives, made up of our people, to govern politicians and their actions BEFORE those actions are introduced that harm and hurt our people.

we will make politicians honest by governing their actions and policing their lives, its what they do to us, if they have nothing to hide……………….

James anderson





A uk MP said live on tv that there is no evidence for these further restrictions, he also stated that there was concern over the irregularities in government and the dystopianism.

The fact that this word, dystopianism, was being spoken by a tory minister is important, it told the front benches that the jig was up and this dystopianism is a reality the senior tory ministers were not going to let carry on as it has gone too far.

99 tory politicians voted against their own PM to continue these restrictions because there is no evidence of their necessity or value in our current situation.

Let us be clear about what I am saying, we have entered the first part of a dystopian society under the auspice of a pandemic, and this is where we are destined to stay for at least another two years until this genetic immunity experiment has concluded in late 2023.

At the same time all of this is going on one in two people are GETTING cancer as you read this.

Let’s make no bones about this, our own politicians and scientists and charities are telling us that one in two people WILL get cancer.

Half of our population are going to get cancer, how?

One in every two people you know will get cancer, one of those could be you, how?

Half of those with cancer do not survive, so on a population of 70 million, 35 million are going to get cancer and of those 17 and a half million people are going to die of cancer.

How do our politicians know 17.5 million people are going to die of cancer and why are they not telling us how this is happening and how we can stop?

It instead the politicians and their scientists spend billions of pounds, waste untold resources, and remove all of our rights just for a virus with a 99.97 percent survivability rate?

17,500,000 people will die of cancer and one person in the uk has died of omicron (apparently).

Covid versus cancer

The reaction from politicians is lock us down, experiment on us and take all our rights for a 00.03 percent chance of a healthy person dying of the virus yet ignore 17 and a half million dying of cancer.

If you don’t understand this so far, then educate yourself away from your television and papers, use your own mind, your own logic, and your own truth.

Fight for your right to life, it has been taken, you no longer belong to you if you can be controlled this easily when being told one in two will get cancer and knowing half of those will die and no one in power is able to tell you how or why, then you need to shake that excrement from your mind.

The fact that the 1939 cancer act and the misuse of drugs act removed known cures and medications for many of the 260 different kinds of cancer should be highlighted here as this is a fact.

Our politicians hold medications in cannabis oils for many cancerous issues under laws and you are not allowed these treatments because our politicians say so.

17,500,000 people will die of cancer as their politicians watch on knowing there are cures for many of these ailments, not all, this is not a wonder drug, but cannabis oils are proven medications we are not allowed because politicians have ordered it so.

Since 1939 cancer has risen without pause in human beings, now it is at one in two since 1939 when it was one person in tens of thousands would catch cancer.

These are facts anyone could easily check but to do so would mean they would have to react, that’s the frightening bit, so the vast majority will just accept their death and the death of every second person they know.

Whilst you worry about a bug with a 00.03% death rate cancer with a 50% death rate is being allowed to happen and your politicians are the ones allowing it.

Feel better now?

james anderson


an attempt at genocide?

CHARITY IS ACTUALLY PAYING FOR OUR PEOPLE TO BE LOOKED AFTER WHEN THESE PEOPLE HAVE PAID IN TAXES TO BE LOOKED AFTER BY THE STATE. The vast majority of charities exist because the work that is state responsibility is being denied and refused to those who have already paid, much of the time to people who paid for the services with their physical and mental wellbeing.

Veterans living on charity is a national disgrace when thousands of refugees are given houses and benefits on entering the country, these people should be living on our charity not our veterans. The homeless in our country would no doubt appreciate expensive housing that is being handed out to refugees, because a refugee has more rights than the homeless.

Just on those two issues you can clearly see the hypocrisy of our politicians and their immorality of sending our people to war and then letting them live on charity after the war and at the same time letting potential former enemies into our country undocumented during a pandemic and retreat.

Whilst we should help those who helped us during the war, the hypocrisy of charity for those who fought the dam war on our politician’s behalf, is about as sickening as one can get, morally, politically and militarily.

The same can be said about cancer, we are told one in two will get cancer, not how or why just will.

The politicians are holding the cures for many cancerous ailments under the 1939 cancer act, and you are worried about the rebranded common flu, commonly known as the rhino corona virus that has a 99.97 percent survivability level?

One in two will get cancer, politicians have the treatments to stop the great majority of that and will not allow it to you or yours, yet you accept the offer of an experimental immunity vaccine, wow, just wow.

Politicians are now deciding on the cost to our children as compared to the cost to the nhs if the kids are not included in this experimental immunity trial, the risk of long-term damage in untested trail against a virus with a 99.97 survivability level for children.

With the disabled and vulnerable already being euthanized by political directives under pandemic conditions one has to ask who has benefited from the last 20 months.

The virus isn’t going away because it’s the flu, the vaccine is making spiked proteins before they are needed by your system, your immune system is shooting spike bullets with no targets inside you, so these will hunt for another issue or create one, the logic can not be ignored.

There are now covid charities springing up for mythical conditions such as long covid and asymptomatic covid, that for the most part is psychosomatic and programmed with the narrative that this flu and its variants are deadlier than all the rest, this is a direct lie, corona is the common flu.

Long flu, short flu, asymptomatic flu, one word flu, rebrand that to a new flu and you have covid and the last 20 months of political and medical corruption, extortion has been our reality.

the social destruction and economic robbery is so blatant one has to consider these actions as criminal acts of social cleansing and economic terrorism and because of these involuntary dnr killings one has to ask if this is an attempt at premeditated genocide. James anderson




today on the news there was a piece on children entering the experiment under duress, it is accepted now that children are being coerced to volunteer for this genetic experimental vaccine that so far has not worked.

it is accepted that children are being made to feel they will harm other people if they do not volunteer to enter this experiment, voluntarily, irrespective of the context of that particular truth.

first the elderly was sent home to care homes to save beds in the NHS, even though the doctors and nurses knew they had the flu virus and would infect everyone they came into contact with, as with every rhino/corona/sars/covid flu.

then when these people started to die, we were told that the virus was killing them, the reality being, the lack of treatment was killing them.

many would then be returned to the same hospitals, filling up the beds they had vacated and many more due to the spread of the infection.

now the beds are filling up the politicians gave us lockdown to stop infections and save beds, at the same time the same doctors were filling in DNR forms on behalf of patients in their care with underlying health conditions including mental health issues.

those people were not resuscitated if they got complications from covid, the bed was to be saved before the patient.

as doctors and nurses danced in the streets patients were being killed right behind them, dying to save the NHS beds.

as our population clapped and gave praise to the NHS staff, those same people were letting people die to save a bed, to save the NHS, to keep the bed for someone more deserving.

lets be clear about this, these people died and are still dying to save beds in the NHS for people who would be more deserving of life, ie, you, our politicians and their cohorts etc.

do you not understand social cleansing when you see it?

the Germans during the Nazi era done the same with their sick elderly, vulnerable and the disabled, just used different excuses to liquidate them?

it has to be asked how many of these dead could have survived if given the correct and paid for treatment, you have to remember these people for the most part were tax payers who paid the NHS to look after them, its contractual with our NI payments, we pay to be looked after, to be left to die is a breach of a paid contract.

but the psychology being used on us all to persuade people to volunteer does not include law or logic, just coercion, fear and more importantly lies.

the fact that if you don’t volunteer to be experimented on with this genetic immune system enhancement you will be coerced until you do can not be good under any conditions, especially any perception of freedom or as an innocent human with the right to say no being abused.

the concept of who and what we are is being destroyed and remoulded into perceptions of humans, psychological constructs conditioned to ignore the physical and emotional aspects of our race and species, we are being diluted into a more manageable and controllable species.

it is unlikely that those not vaccinated will survive the next three years without either being criminalised or detained for the greater good until they volunteer for the experiment.

james anderson




if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would not believe the history books about to be written about this fake pandemic, a rebranded flu virus and the utter destruction of people psychology.

for 18 months we were locked down whilst the countries economy was being robbed blind, 350 billion pounds taken from coffers and given out in dodgy contracts to politician’s friends, their families and even a publican got millions of pounds from the coffers.

the total is going into trillions of pounds “we” will have to pay back in taxes to bankers for these loans, that were taken out on our behalf and stollen, we have no discernible results for over one trillion pounds “spent by parliament “and the other trillion we already know is spent on test kits politicians knew were not working and thew logistics of this fake pandemic.

18 months of lockdown produced nothing medical what so ever, just scientific speculation made up from medical models and statistical analysis, no actual facts were in these variables, just suppositions, right at the start we were told this is all being done on models.

once said, this was rarely restated, when restated no one asked why are we working on models and not actual facts?

the truth being the facts are so weak that they would not hold any water if scrutinised to even the slightest degree, so people had to be convinced the models were more important than the facts people could see with their own eyes.

the facts of the lack of healthy people dying from a deadly virus were and are there for you to see, no mass deaths of the healthy has happened, ergo no pandemic, every winter people die of the flu, but not for the last two winters.

the facts stand, there has been no discernible rise in deaths of healthy people or children during the last 21 months, only the vulnerable have been harmed and/or died.

there have been no flu deaths in the last two winters.

even the simplest of minds should be able to grasp these two facts and draw the right conclusions, but the simplest of minds are not dealing with this, very complex minds that don’t like to be fooled are dealing with this and where as the simplest mind has simple honesty, a complex mind has the ability to refuse to know what they know.

the lies of the severity of this virus and the lies of this genetic experiment being a vaccine for this virus are deniable lies to intelligent minds. this virus is not dangerous to healthy people or children, it has more than a 99.97% survivability to healthy people and more so for children.

“The vaccine is not a vaccine as you would understand it” these are the words of the chief scientist on British television, not mine, “not a vaccine as you would understand it”, but we were not given any clear understanding of what it was if not a vaccine as we would know it.

simple con tricks with words were used throughout the “pandemic” to make people believe the deaths were in the hundred thousand and rising, like telling people those who have died WITH the virus and not those who have actually been killed by the virus.

dying with covid is the biggest con of all, that helped the majority accept entrance into this whole lockdown and economic robbery and experimentation, social cleansing and social dictatorship, these people died WITH a virus not of the virus.

that simple con trick with two words convinced the majority to enter into the vaccine trails, and they are trails, until 2023, those dying with the virus are large numbers, those dying of the virus alone, now these numbers are totally different and could not be used in models to convince people the virus would kill them or their loved ones.

the elderly and the vulnerable needed the vaccine first to protect them from the VIRUS.

then all of those over 60 needed to be vaccinated and protected from the virus because they are vulnerable to the virus too.

then the over 50’s needed the vaccine to protect the vulnerable and elderly from us.

then the over 20’s needed the vaccine to protect the vulnerable and elderly from any of us if we are carriers.

now children need the vaccine to protect the elderly and vulnerable from any children who may be carrying the virus, the facts of the severity of the virus yet again ignored for convenience and “fitting in” with the majority during a crisis.

the weakness of people’s individuality has blossomed during the last 21 months, everyone wants to be in the experiment even though they understand the risks, just to be part of the crowd and not stand out.

the great educated majority want to be what the politicians in our society want, compliant little people too frightened to stand because they might be wrong or wronged which is more to the point.

reverse the psychology and people will do as they are told because their own logic process fails under pressure and fear, few people are skilled enough to combat this one part of psychological warfare, reverse psychology.

look around you, it works. james anderson




the Taliban and ISA are both Muslim, one is Sunni and the other Shiite, their hatred of each other’s version of their own religion is the problem I have with Muslims.

the IRA and the UDF both Christians, one is catholic and the other protestant, their hatred of each other’s version of their own religion is the problem I have with Christians.

this scenario is played out all over the world, religions of peace and congregations that are split internally causing just as much harm and death as any other terrorist organisation.

the UK are now importing new terrorists from Afghanistan and places of interest, one such young lady was on the news telling our people that without her family life in our country will not be worth living.

already the emotional psychological levering of our system has started, the fact she has been saved, brought to the UK and was doing an interview from an expensive hotel room for two she has on her own for months now is ignored by all present.

yes, I’m brutal, but having been to several warzones as a participant, I have also seen those who were not saved, we can’t save the world and their relatives, the fact that veterans who helped in her education and potentialy saved this woman’s life from her own people,are living on the street just around the corner from her hotel is also ignored.

its too politically sensitive to mention those soldiers’ homeless tonight, cold and alone, waiting untill its dark to crawl into a shop doorway, to see the horrors they committed and had committed too them replay as their belly rumbles and their cold feet start to hurt.

as these veterans sleep with their horrors, they know its pointless for them to go looking for help from a society of cowards and “friendlies”, the friendlies” living in hotels, they know our people will not wonder where our politician’s sanity is, they know the political morality is pawned off for the media attention of saving a female from Afghanistan’s who tells us her life now isn’t worth living.

personally, I would deport her and give two homeless veteran soldiers her room in that hotel and the benefits she will reap.

the hatred in the young woman’s eyes I have seen many times before, the “why didn’t you save my family …..” hatred that sinks into the subconsciousness and resurfaces years later is there, just as with many faces I seen in the protests in London of “friendlies” demanding the government do this that and the next thing to bring their extended families over to our country.

lets get something clear here, we only owe loyalty to those who helped us, not their extended families, many who didn’t help us at all.

the whole population of Afghanistan fell when the Americans left Afghanistan the military were just the last to fall, the ordinary people of Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, they had already surrendered to sectarian religious violence decades ago, all we done was stop them killing each other for a while, until the religious issues in Islam are sorted then the Shiite and Sunnis will carry on with the murder of their parishioners, just as with Catholics and protestants.

what a lot of our people have not gotten to grips with is that from our enemy’s propaganda point of view, Christians are attacking Islam, the recruitment/ murder asset value of those four words just as psychologically devastating as “I killed your mother”.

terrorists are not simple abstracts, they come from all walks of life, all they need is the seed of hate.

james anderson



over the last two weeks we have seen our politicians go back on every promote they made to Afghanistan.in the last four weeks all that had gone in the last 18 months has reappeared, like the flu, terrorism, the war on terror and shootings on the streets of the UK.in the last 6 weeks covid and the deaths have vanished from the news.
six weeks, that’s all it took to get people to forget about the “pandemic” that is still happening, apparently.
we lost 18 months of our lives and the great majority entered into an experiment under false pretences and 6 weeks later no one in parliament cares to point out these facts and ask why.
no one in parliament cares to point to the yellow card casualties to the experiment.
that one fact makes all of our politicians unfit to govern and guilty by association in social experimentation under false representation of the facts.
these facts are allowing politicians to experiment on our people and our children under the emergency powers act, without the enablement and continuation of this act this experiment would be forced, under law, to end.
whilst all of the “news and narrative” of the pandemic has ended the holding on to this authority has not, all of this is now about the experiment, not the virus.
please understand that without the emergency powers act being enforced under the pandemic, that has vanished, the experimental vaccine would not have been allowed as it is experimental and must go on until 2023 or be ruled as a pointless exercise, at the perceived ending of the testing of this experimental vaccine.
this is why politicians want us all in the experiment, even children, because if one is not in the experiment then politicians will not get their desired results, whatever they may be, but since the experiment has not stopped covid at all one can only speculate at the true meaning of all of the last 19 months.
covid was the reason, the vaccine the solution, one has vanished from the news and the other doesn’t work against covid.
terrorism was the reason, removing our liberties the solution, terrorism continues, liberties not returned.
misuse of drugs was the reason, cures for many cancerous ailments removed from public use, cancer now hits one in two people and politicians sell cannabis oils under license, but the people are not allowed these medicines under the 1939 cancer act.
three clear and understandable deceptions all of our politicians are cohorts too.
humans, hoping for a saviour from the spiritual realms of omnipotence when in reality each individual could be their own saviour, but its easier to look for something other than one’s self to save your existence.
the contradictions of humans are outstanding, humans without much humanity unless its from individuals, collective humanity only achievable with the abolition of wealth and need, neither probable, both far too lucrative to abandon.
the deceptions of our reality too complex for the great majority to want to understand it far less the sum up the will or courage to fight or change it, the mask of our courage, humanity and solidarity challenged to the hilt and proven to be as weak as the individuals involved.
psychological battles in children’s minds under the presumption of consent fought every day by the young, even though parents have no idea at all what is being taught under these presumptions.
genders and facts being distorted for economic and psychological compliances over the long term, start on the kids and get compliant adults, it really is that fucking simple.
james andersonplease share


defining asylum


I have always been in favour of immigration as this helps widen the ideologies of our people and adds a little extra to our way and understanding of life, without it our country would have fallen years ago, migrants hold up a large part of our economy, especially the jobs the brits don’t want to do like cleaners and fruit pickers etc.

it has to be accepted that without immigration our country would die, even at a genetic level immigration is important or we cross breed too often and as with royalty, we would end up a pile of pointy heads.

we, the people are politically represented in parliament, asylum is political asylum because we are politically represented.

not economic asylum, sexual, genderized or identifying orientated asylum, these are not asylum, these are people who want to come here to do things their own society does not allow.

it is not for our people to decide what is and is not allowed in other countries and we should not be accepting other nations psychological problems thinly vailed as gender, identity and psychological perverse diversity, that is not asylum or immigration, its us paying for other peoples way of life because they are not allowed it in their own country, this is not political asylum seeking its social asylum seeking, economic asylum and sexual asylum, none of which is our national responsibility.

where does this kind of asylum/immigration end, when there are no normal people left in our country, just perverse diversity, genderism and identity hunting, have we really sunk this far as moral people?

political asylum is the only asylum we should be allowing as this is in our representation, in order to have a multi-diversity society and reformat our British society our politicians are allowing all sorts into this country under the guise of asylum when the reality is these people are for the most part economic asylum, sexual asylum and diversity asylum seekers.

the last 30 years have seen the destruction of all that can be considered British, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland are all on an independence footing, England may just be left with their society of perverse diversities and psychological genders and identities, their perfect non binary society of robotic frightened humans.

the diversity inclusion was a deliberate political act to break up the unity of our people, to divide us, just as with religion and politics, all just meant to keep people at each other’s throats and not at the politicians devising new genders and perversities all under the flag of multiculturism and inclusion, even paedophiles are included, these people in the inclusion are called maps, minor attracted persons, colour is not the issue in multi culturism,

if you look retrospectively at what our politicians are doing with all of this inclusion, what is the purpose, why are normal British people being made into shadows, it’s not for unity that is for sure.

james anderson




I have never been a fan of politics an even less of politicians who betray us time and again, it never ends, from one year to the next election we het nothing but lies excuses and betrayed by those professing to be our political representatives.

a key word there is political, there people are supposed to be representing our political aspirations for our nation, this in itself being a lie as there are no political aspirations of our people, just our politicians.

the first betrayal is of course that they represent you, as an individual, this is a lie, they tell you this when the reality is they represent the crown.

the contract you have with politicians is a verbal contract to get you to vote goes as far as the politician’s loyalty and that is where it ends, the first thing all politicians do at the opening of parliament after YOU got them the job is swear an oath to the crown, end of.

the reason you are not allowed to sign your voting card is because it would be a binding contract, your “x” removes who is actually being represented, you.

that voting contract has no real content, no context, no signed participants and no details in what or who is being represented other that “our” political aspirations for our nation, and all sums up to a waste of paper and legally you and your representative have no contractual agreement at all once they get into parliament.

right from the start the political establishment betray us all in swearing an oath to the crown, this removes their representation as their loyalty is commanded and demanded by a higher authority than the people, one family claiming sovereignty over us all.

elections are perceptions of representation, we perceive we are represented when the reality is only the crown is represented in parliament, these people swear an oath to represent the crown, this can no be done whilst representing you as you may not agree with the authority of the drown and therefor the politicians representing your politics becomes conflicts of your interests, they can’t represent both without bias.

we have seen the betrayal of our military in Afghanistan, the dead and injured, our politicians lost the war not our personnel, not the local Afghans helping us or the people supporting our troops, they all stayed on course, the politicians betrayed our people and ran away.

our politicians have laid waste to everything they have been involved in since the Falkland’s war ended, not one promise from thatcher’s time in office to the present day have politicians delivered on except forced poverty and austerity when neither were politically of economically necessary.

we have gotten less and less from political representation as the last 21 years have passed, voting over the last 21 years has proved people have no political aspirations only reactionary feelings to incentives, that’s modern politics, reactionary emotional persuasion, and cohesion.

21 years of our political representatives protecting criminal paedophiles in the BBC and the media can not be ignored, the fact that there are criminals in office being protected by others in office makes the term “in office” an obscenity.

the fact that the “official secrets act” is used to protect offenders of children makes your voting enablement of child abuse, because you know its going on and will not demand an end to it, so it carries on.

it’s enabled by the voting public because you don’t even demand honesty from your politicians, no wonder they constantly extract the urine, tax you to the hilt and experiment on you all, rape children without fear of the law and assist in your slavery, because the voting public are selfish.

so long as the promise of a politician is made the innocence of children don’t matter, decades of politicians and their peers raping little children, the true strength of parliamentarians is the moral weakness of the people that they represent.

moral or honest representation being the hopes of the great majority and the small minority actually representing us having no morality or honesty is our reality, we can change this, but not with weak people.

weak people demand nothing, normal morality shies away when faced with economic brutality, politicians offer us the choice, have morals, or eat, this is what politicians do to us, they get us to trade our morality for comforts that never appear.

the fact that “we” can trade our morality for promises of comfort and our harmony for wars makes fools of us all, politicians can make trillions of pounds appear in days for a pandemic yet can’t sort out such a simple issue as homelessness and homes for our hero’s.

are you disgusted with yourself for voting for people you understand will betray you yet?

voting for the lesser of two evils does not make you a moral person but a weak person, voting for people you know are lesser or eviler is just enablement and cowardice.

betrayal, that is the reality of political representation, prove me wrong and if you can’t then dam well help me change it.

james anderson




the reality of the uk is that there is state controlled politically orientated child abuse in Scotland, and if they get away with it so will the other three nations politicians.

a four-year-old being told to contemplate gender or identity is psychological child abuse as the child’s original gender and identity is not taught or even understood FIRST.





in America the percentages with serious adverse reactions in healthy people to the vaccine have reached 2 percent, the serious adverse reactions to the virus for healthy people are still at 00.03 percent, the benefit/cost ratio in the UK is unknown.

in Israel boosters are being rolled out, two jabs and a booster have not stopped either the transmission or carriage of this flu at all, it has not reduced those being infirmed at all, the vaccine has hospitalised more healthy people than the rebranded flu so far.

those with underlying health conditions are being harmed by this flu as with every single year so far since the 1900’s, with the exception of the last two winters when there were no flu casualties, just covid casualties.

now the news/propaganda is trying to redirect our thinking to the flu again saying “” the flu is back””, after TWO winters of no flu casualties at all, suddenly when the covid nonsense is being questioned the bloody flu comes back, are you joking me?

this is probably the worst written script I have ever seen, it went from a few weeks to straighten a curve to a lockdown, jobs gone, futures gone, to not getting your freedom till you accept the offer of a vaccine that isn’t a vaccine ”per-say” and now the rest of the people not vaccinated and passported will not be allowed social amenities, out casts in their own country for not accepting an offer.

already the media industry is blackmailing the population, no jab no concerts, ditto with the care industry, NHS, selective military personnel, the reality is we are past the level of “herd immunity” and this is all about the experiment.

because of the manner of programming, it is difficult for me to see how those with the jab are justifying what they see going on, or not as the case has been with the lack of pandemic levels of healthy people being dead.

the fact that the flu vanished for two winters along with the fact that the virus numbers are about the same as normal flu level numbers and the fact that the flu is coming back this year is the sickest piece of psychological excrement I have ever seen, and I have pulled some really sick pieces of psychological warfare on people.

the depth of my psychological warfare was for the most part only as low as I needed it to be, on occasion it got a bit twisted and sometimes just down right nasty, but very rarely would I be devious as has been happening over the last 18 months.

this kind of psychological warfare is just evil for the sake of it, rather than promote the benefits of the vaccine they are demanding compliance too it with social and emotional blackmail, psychological coercion, social enticements etc, none of this is right.

as I predicted this time last year this will all turn into the “vaccine” that is “not a vaccine as you understand a vaccine to be”.

it is not a vaccine “per-say” but an “operating system” that will give you 100 percent effectiveness against all serious illnesses.

now if that were really the case would you not promote that first?

would the heading not be to the sum of..

“get your jab and have 100 percent effectiveness against all serious illnesses like ………. ! then list the illnesses that the person has a 100 percent effectiveness against.

yet I can find no list of illnesses on the government web sites declaring WHICH illnesses people have a 100 percent effectiveness against because of the vaccine.

it doesn’t even stop covid,


the reality of writing to politicians is silence

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in question too Mr Cameron’s statement that “we (the politicians) have won the moral argument for further and continued austerity”i have a question for the lord speaker, what gives parliament and Mr Cameron the right to have a moral argument with the people who employ him to take care of the nation and the people therein?

Lord speaker, questions need to be clarified and understood by the population, all of whom have a higher IQ than thought by parliament.to Mr Cameron via the lord speaker……………..

“We have won the moral argument for further austerity”.

This is of course is only YOUR personal opinion, but this opinion has left our country with a higher moral crisis.I object most strongly that YOU, the PM of our country, have continually attacked the disabled, the destitute, the mentally ill and the poor.

You have justified NOT JAILING THE BANKERS whilst on the other hand, refused free food aid to the destitute of our country offered by the European community.

Ref:2012 0295 (COD) Mark Hoban.

To deny free food to people going hungry in our country that really need it is immoral, yet “morality” is being used to justify AUSTERITY and immoral behaviour by YOU and the politicians occupying the UK parliaments.

To refuse free food, that is available and free at source, to people who need it, IS about as immoral as it gets.Not only is this action immoral by most normal peoples standards, it is also a violation of the human rights act.

To actively punish a part of a community for the actions of another part of a community is immoral by normal standards, so on that note I will remind you that not only is this action already taken by YOU and the politicians occupying parliament, immoral but it is also illegal under several international conventions and treaties signed by our government.

“COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT”International and British bankers STOLE account holders cash, pensions, savings and investments to pay massive gambling debts they had accumulated over years of corruption, PPI’s, libor rigging, fraud, theft, false accountancy and the list really is endless of the crimes BANKERS committed that led to the collapse of the economy.

In order to pay for these criminal activities, politicians decided to BORROW money and bail out the bankers to the tune of 100 billion pounds a YEAR so far.Politicians decided that paying the criminal debts of the bankers were more important that the welfare of the people of our country so massive cuts were made to the PEOPLES WELFARE.

Our whole country is being punished with austerity for the actions of the politicians and the bankers.To punish a population for the actions of “a few” that “the population have no control over” is a crime.

The crime is called“Collective punishment”

So, not only do YOU and the politicians occupying parliament deny free food to the people who really need it, (Ref: 2012 0295 (COD) Mark Hoban) you also protect proven banking criminals and make the people pay the cost of THE BANKERS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, whilst using collective punishment of austerity on the population to keep PAYING THE BANKERS DEBTS whilst protecting the bankers from due process of THE LAW.


Question:Why are the people of our country being punished with FORCED AUSTERITY for the actions of the bankers when YOU and all politicians occupying parliament know that collective punishment is illegal?

Question:At what point in history will YOU take criminal proceeding out against the bankers?All humans need food to stay alive:So, in refusing free food that IS AVAILABLE, YOU and the politicians occupying parliament are actively participating in FORCING individuals to go hungry with a possibility of death due to starvation.

Question:Upon who’s/which moral scale do you justify this action?Proven criminal bankers v innocent hungry people.

Question:Upon what or who’s moral scale do YOU justify forcing people to go hungry (which is an international crime) whilst PROTECTING AND IGNORING THE PREVIOUS CRIMES AND CONTINUING CRIMES of known banking criminals?

Question:Under which law, legislation or other WRITTEN command did YOU decide that YOUR personal view of morality is more important as a whole than that of our countries law that states YOU have to prosecute the bankers for the criminal behaviours that brought the banking crisis in the first place?

Question:When YOU chose the moral standards of the government, by which divine right did you judge the level of morality that the government can sink (or aspire) too?

Question:Upon what right or legislation do YOU use morality of austerity as a counterweight to ignoring the continuing criminal actions of bankers?So, just on YOUR moral standards of winning “the moral argument for continued austerity” I have to ask,

Question:Have YOU ever had a mental health assessment done and if not (considering YOU are choosing moral standards for politicians to continue austerity whilst criminal bankers stay free to carry on with criminality) why not?

Question:Is there ANY mental health assessments carried out on politicians BEFORE they are handed government positions?

By governments own figures, one in 12 people are living with or have had mental health issues, so logic dictates 1 in 12 of our politicians have mental health problems.

Since most mental health problems are induced by trauma, horrors, memories, stress and/or the pressures of a modern global society, YOU are not immune to mental health issues.

Question:So why do YOU consider YOUR moral standards to be above the vast majority of our population (who do not agree with continued austerity) concerning the indirect punishment of the poor and ALL of our workers, pensioners, students etc and YOUR continued refusal to prosecute the criminals still running the banks?

Moral standards:

Question:Can YOU send me a copy of the moral scales in which YOU determined what is and is not a moral issue and how to determine the levels of morality concerning a moral issue?

Question:Since morality is now, BY YOUR OWN WORDS, part of political decisions, IN WHICH ARENA (LEGAL) CAN I CHALLENGE YOUR standards of moral OPINION to continued forced austerity whilst YOUR MORAL STANDARDS IGNORE criminal bankers who continue to be criminals with impunity?

National morality:In Canada on this year of 2014, a panel of international judges found the queen guilty of abduction of a group of children from a Canadian children’s home.

None of the children have been seen since.This was many years ago these children went missing and the royal family still have not answered the parents of those children as to their children’s whereabouts.

The moral standard AND CRIMINALITY of the queen of this country has been brought into question enough for international judges to fill out an arrest warrant for the queen and her husband.

Question:Upon which legislation or law has the queen and her husband not been arrested and questioned in the UK for the abduction of these children?

Question:Since YOU have so poignantly placed YOUR moral opinion and standards ABOVE the needs of the poor and destitute are YOUR moral opinions and values going to determine the actions of our government to the arrest warrants issued in Canada for the queen and her husband?

Mr Cameron, you and you alone brought the “morality” of your actions into the political arena; I question the standards of your morality!

In questioning your standards of morality I do so without malice, but in a hope to comprehend your understanding of the meaning of the word morality, in hope that you will explain why your PERSONAL moral opinion should be above any other persons in our country!

Mr Cameron, I challenge your statement that you “have won the moral argument for continued (forced) austerity upon YOUR IN-ACTION TO PROSECUTE THE BANKERS WHO ARE KNOWN CRIMINALS.


Please reply in plain/common English, as I do not clearly understand the legalese translation/interpretation of common English.All questions are asked with respect and without malice or frivolity and at no time have I or will I stand under you that YOU have won the moral argument for continued austerity.end.




One only has to look at France and many other countries to see that the narratives of the last 18 months are now being questioned openly, even in Britain doctors and nurses are leaving their jobs rather then be forced to take an experimental genetic therapy commonly known as the jab.

When doctors and nurses start refusing to enter an experiment, they have been pumping into the general population then one has to start asking some serious questions.

The reality of it being if they don’t want to accept the offer then they see something in the offer they just don’t want to be part of, giving this experimental genetic therapy to the people is one thing, but refuse taking it themselves?

There seems to be a response and reaction not conducive to honesty in there.

The protests are all about “mandatory”, or force if one wants to use the correct terminology, to force anyone who has not accepted the offer to take the offer is again suspicious, because it, was and always will be “an offer” because it is an experiment.

Many laws are there to stop politicians and their scientists forcing people to accept any form of experimentation, especially medical experimentation on a genetic level as this genetic experimental vaccine is.

It is worth noting at this point that this experiment needs all of our people in it irrespective or it will not get the desired results the desired results being a 100 percent effectiveness against all serious illnesses.

Right at the start of this experiment the people were told, if you accept this offer you will have 199 percent effectiveness against all serious illnesses, this is a statement of “fact” those accepting the offer were told would eb the result of accepting this offer into this vaccine program.

At no time so far have people been told this is genetic, an experiment, or the fact that this is an operating system and not a vaccine as people understand a vaccine to be.

This operating system is theoretically supposed to be connected to your gene’s, lying dormant but able to prompt your immune system to respond to a disease, virus or illness before you actually get the virus or illness, they tweak the operating system to what’s coming by getting your immune system up and running before the fact and not after the fact as it works now.

This pre-emptive program sets your immune system off by external command.

This external command to set your immune system off is a genetic instruction from someone else to tell your body to react, or not.

It’s the “or not” that should worry those who have accepted the offer, there are a lot of eugenicists in politicians and science, the same politicians and scientists now trusted with the on and off switch to your immune system.

james anderson



March 2020 3 weeks to straighten the curve of the common flu, the virus being downgraded to the common flu on 9th of March 2020, so those getting this common flu didn’t crush the NHS by taking up all the beds.

the vulnerable and disabled are sent out a “notice of death” in that they are told in a letter that they will not be resuscitated if they get complications with their illnesses and get covid, each patient is asked to sign the form agreeing to this, these who would not or were incapable were singed off anyway.

all if these deaths at one time were used to convince people of a pandemic status and lockdown enforced under the emergency powers act.

April 2020the elderly and infirmed who have been sent home for the most part is carrying the common flu and are already dying, infecting the rest of the care home residents in the process.

this numbers and time scale of deaths of the elderly are used to convince people this was a real pandemic and killing people, politicians’ scientists tell us it will not touch healthy people or kids and the lock down will protect the elderly and save the NHS.

few people would realise that under normal flu conditions, there is a good chance these people would have died of the flu, putting them back into care homes would cause these deaths at one time and not stretched these deaths out over a few months as would have normally happened with this common flu.
the rhino corona sars1 sars2 covid 19 is the common flu, as defined in medical papers printed and published in 2001

its that one collective number of deaths in care homes and the deaths of vulnerable people that were used as the original lie of this pandemic.
if these people had not been sent back to care homes the numbers of deaths would not have justified a pandemic claim for the emergency powers act to be enacted.

doctors were and still are ramping up the death numbers using the power of DNR, they are allowed, using DNR forms, to kill people who have complications from the flu, these people are being allowed to die to save the NHS bed they are laying in.

their deaths are also used to ramp up the numbers to look like pandemic numbers, we are told another lie then, the lie was not that these people died with covid but the implication that they died OF the virus.
this one implication, that they died of the virus, has never been corrected, we are still being told only those who have died with the virus and not those who are dying OF the virus.

we are told a miracle vaccine has to be found or healthy people will be dying like the plague, the lockdown is saving the NHS, the miracle vaccine would be for vulnerable people and those over 70.

all of what has happened since May/June 2020 has been carefully orchestrated to “go away from the cause to the cure” it became about vaccines and experiments, not the actual numbers of people who are being KILLED by the virus, just those dying with the virus.

the numbers of the vulnerable and the elderly as well as those killed with the DNR allowances in care homes and hospitals are the only numbers of people who are dead connected to the virus.

at this time not one healthy adult or child is in these numbers at all, statistically speaking, if allowed to stretch to normal time of a normal flu spread, nothing changes in the common flu numbers declared in the ten previous years.

in fact, the common flu deaths vanished in 2019/2020 and 2020/2021.

no registered common flu deaths for 2019/2020, let that sink in.

no common flu numbers for 2020/2021………. are we getting there with the context and structure of this con-demic pandemic yet?

james anderson




let’s get honest with this, the brutality might hurt now but there are things that need to be said, to raise questions before the chaos we are being led into falls.
with the exception of being a drone, the vast majority of people in Britain are surplus to requirement for a functioning nation, from a political perspective, there are just too many different minorities to ever be able to please them all yet pressured by them all.

let us look at political representation ten years into the future if all of these minorities get their rights they want, there will be just as many new minorities demanding the same and or different rights, the reality of this being a chaotic society without logical order.

political representation in the last twenty years has departed from any real political aspirations and has become sexual representation, diverse representation, gender representation, identity representation, minority ethnic representation, in short, there is no representation of political ideology or theologies at all, how many new diversities and stealth perversities will be represented in the political arena.

will each new individual gender and identity get separate rights, different rights of course, but different from whom, where does this kind of governance lead us to if not total chaos?

will jabbed human rights come before the inherent and sovereign rights of an unjabbed human being, of course they will, they already are, the majority or people are in the genetic experiment, the minority in this issue has no rights at all.

the reality of normality is already a minority who do not want to be experimented on and a majority who think they have rights to force these people into the experiment.

those who were led to their death in camps from south Africa to Nazi Germany all had two things in common, the victims were forced to the camps, those taking them there were volunteers.

whilst the people were on lockdown over ten “mega prisons” have been built, no mention of these thing during lockdown, no political points made or taken by opposition parties to these camps springing up all over the country.
who will fill these camps?

the only people left in our country soon to have no rights at all are those who won’t or can’t enter the genetic experimental, those who won’t or can’t join the experiment, they will not be separated.

the truth is, there are just too many different minorities demanding different rights and that all parts of society must follow their demands and politicians can’t fulfil their demands over the medium term far less the long term.

so, politicians are allowing our intelligence, mortality and our perceptions of reality to be challenged without boundaries deliberately, genderism, identityism, diversity and thinly vailed sexual and moral perversity, every single psychological perception and diversions accepted as reality deliberately to jamb up peoples minds and over crown people’s perceptions with deceptions as with this rebranded common flu.

the future is compliance to the state, reliance on the start and to achieve this the politician opened the gates to perverse psychological diversities knowing it would divide and frighten psychologically balanced people even more.

I don’t know if the great majority can be brough to see the danger of their predicament, they are the “new people” who will be the tools to be used and abused by the machinery of the state, or they become the enemy, as usual.

whilst all of this is going on politicians are syphoning hundreds of billions of pounds into their friends and families’ pockets and tax havens, the wealth of our nation stolen whilst we were locked up.

those who survive with the vaccine will never demand an open investigation into the virus or the vaccines, the politicians or the scientists, the truth too frightening to know or they would be demanding this now.

people who have not been vaccinated are already being accused of infecting and possibly killing people with the vaccine, the logic of “then your vaccine isn’t working” ignored for an excuse to hate someone else and hide their own fears and contradictions of and in this experiment that they don’t have the courage to voice openly.

just as with those being taken to camps or experimented on throughout history those PEOPLE doing these things and those PEOPLE allowing these things will become abstract in the slaughter and horrors, lawfully untouchable, 1984, eat your heart out.

james anderson



if this last 18 moths have taught me anything it is that morality is not guaranteed in human beings, a moral conscience, just like right and wrong needs to be taught, it’s something we learn.
how these lessons are taught and how we learn as individuals varies with the individual, many people learn of their own moral conscience when they see something that horrifies them in nature and their soul feels the wrong, some when they are horrified by the actions of others.
the vast majority learn we have a moral conscience when we do something that literally sickens us to the core, we learn through our own personal inner shame, we learn as the skeletons in the cupboard pile up, whether it is walking away from a victim we could help or killing someone, we all learn where our personal moral line is.
the hardest part of finding your own morality is staying on the right side of it and not allowing yourself to cross the line back to a state of apathy with your own morality.
it is this apathy of morality that let good and honest people build camps to kill millions, it’s that same apathy to morality that has our political representatives psychologically forcing our population in a genetic experiment.
for decades activist have been standing on the moral high ground, the real criminality and corruption that is political representation challenged by people who can see the immorality of institutional child abuse in the BBC, our media, sports many of our national institutions like children’s homes religions and in the ranks of our lords’ representatives and their peers and the immorality of universal credit.
the immorality of the human rights abuses by people professing to be representing us and the list of immorality goes on endlessly, from mass child abuse cover-ups to politicians stealing 350 BILLION pounds and that going into their friends and cohorts’ pockets in the last 18 months, this is immoral governance not political governance.
the morality of risking children in an experiment with no discernible results in adults in that experiment has to be questioned.
those not in the experiment are now a minority, this is a fact, how we deal with this will determine not only our own future but that of the victims in the experiment.
those people we activists have been calling “the programmed” are programmed, this is also a fact, the manner of programming matters not, the fact remains these people are victims of other people deceptions, cohesions and programs, just as the majority of activists were at one time or another.
the majority of activists were in the program, they were shocked out of it by something happening or someone doing something that the shock value was higher or even lower than the program, self-awareness and their own moral conscience started saying I can’t do this anymore, I can’t just keep ignoring the wrongs of the programs, I have to find something other than the program, I have to find something other than living in programmed fear.
up until this experiment activists were becoming the majority of the population, now, because of this experiment we are a very small minority, most activists are in this experiment, the logic of that being that the majority of our adult population are in this experiment now.
there are only two sides now, your colour, religion or any other thing that has divided us pale in comparison to this experimental genetic therapy being psychologically forced on to the population, those who have accepted, and those who have not accepted this offer.
psychological force is force none the less, it has to be remembered that the sonder-kommando in the death camps were for the most part ordinary people with a gun against their head being made to do immoral things, activist here in the uk didn’t have that gun against their head, until now.
there are so few unjabbed activists left it means we are vulnerable.
our morality and compassion for the victims of our politicians and upper echelons we so highly prised is no longer for a minority being persecuted or subjugated because now the majority of the people we have been activists for are in the experiment.
activists are turning on those in the experiment they used to be defending just as those in the experiment are doing the same to activists who once defended them.
the perfect firestorm for politicians to quell decent.
james anderson



first it was a doughnut and now the mayor of New York has promised free bus and train tickets (to certain destinations) to take up the offer, now it has risen to 100 dollars, to take up the offer of an experimental inclusion.

in Britain it is sports, bars and travel that is being offered, because if you don’t accept the offer you don’t get to go to these places.

the discrimination of non-experimental volunteers (people not accepting the offer of inclusion into an experiment) is rampant at the same time as gender discrimination, one discrimination allowed and the other legislated against.

positive discrimination discriminating, negative discrimination doing the same, you couldn’t make this nonsense up, but our politicians and their scientist and psychologists do and have.

we live in a society where not taking up an offer to be included into an experiment with no clear understanding of the experiment or that it is indeed an EXPERIMENT is discredited by our own politicians for a virus that is not deadly to healthy people or children.

yet the sacrificing of children through psychological abuse at school to protect the elderly and their grandparents is the lever being used to get these people and children into the experiment, VOLUNTERILY.

three key words remove responsibility from the scientists and politicians, accept, offer and volunteer, these are con words, you volunteer to accept the offer, ergo if it goes tits up its your problem.

all three of these words will be used in any defence the politicians or scientists if they look like they will go on trail for crimes against humanity.

the story will go; sorry your honour, but the plaintiff volunteered to take up the offer and was paid a doughnut to seal the deal, the fact that he is dead is not the issue, he volunteered, the issue is, did he or did he not voluntarily take up the offer?

the answer being he did, end of.prisons are being built in the uk, these prisons are the size of large villages, these prisons have eight plus cell blocks, each having four branches and three levels, they are self-contained camps, so far 10 have been counted as nearly finished.

no mention of these prisons when they started in 2020, one would have thought the politician should be screaming the law and orders cards, “we will stop crime etc” or the opposition asking why so many jails now when they couldn’t be built when they were needed?

where did the funds come from to build these camps?

who are they for?

I think there are dark days ahead for those not accepting the offer, psychological force is being used openly on people and children to take up the offer, when any force is needed, psychological or otherwise, then what the offer is not an offer but a demand.

when will not accepting an offer become a criminal act as it is already a “moral offence” in the eyes of those who accepted the offer?

this is not about the vaccine or the virus now, this is all about the right to life and the right to say no to being experimented on, offered or not.

james anderson




I look at the keyboard
what can I say
there is a new kind of human being
one with plug and play

not my words but those of the makers
the makers of the test
the genetic test within other human beings
making them different than the rest

but if the numbers are to be believed
half the population are a transhuman test
politicians are telling folks it’s a vaccine
stopping bullets with a knife proof vest

it these tests go south
and the genes damaged beyond repair
will anyone stand in an open court
will justice even care

I don’t want to be part of this experiment
not because the damage can’t be solved
the plain and simple fact of it is
I don’t trust those involved

and because of my own understandings
my own homework and my study
everything I see on the news
are just sciences being made muddy

I will never trust another politician
or a scientist in their employ
I am not here for your amusement
or to be made into a toy

I’m not here for your experiments
I’m not here so you tell me how I feel
I’m not here for you to add to my genetic
making me something other than real

I am a real organic human being
I don’t want to add to my genes either
I don’t want to play your god games
or play your games of nether neither

don’t tell me I’m not a prisoner
don’t tell me I am free
don’t expect me to come without a fight
when you come to experiment on me




Covid is not deadly to healthy adults or children, what part of this do you just not understand?

we are being psychologically abused and deceived by parliamentarians, and the majority know it too.

Right from March 2020 we have been told that covid is not deadly to healthy people or children.

A pandemic IS by definition masses of healthy people dying OF the virus/disease, not with the virus, but of the virus, the only way to physically see a pandemic is if healthy people start dropping dead, they are not, end of.

The rhino/corona/sars1/sars2/covid/Indian/delta variation is the common flu.

We have never been told how many people covid 19 alone has actually killed.

We are being told those who die with covid not those who die of covid, that is deception at its finest.

All five statements are facts, these are on the governments many websites if you care to look, but alas the great majority couldn’t be bothered to look last year, and won’t be bothered to now.

The great majority will not go and check these simple facts, if they do, they will have to accept we have all been conned, this is contrary to human nature, to accept you have been deceived, it hurts too much.

Few people ever accept they can be deceived, their pride, intelligence, intuition and their very soul hurts, so the denial system starts up, we all have one, the Catholics are still psychologically denying it’s the people in their religion who murdered thousands of children in Canada, we blame the religion, and the people get away with murder.

We blame the politics and political parties and the person committing the offences walks away, we blame the banks when it was people who robbed the country, this is how our system is designed to work, it’s a work of deceptions.

It’s easier to accept an institution such as the house of lords or parliament or children’s homes have an epidemic of childbed and rape no on seems to WANT to stop, its harder to accept it is living breathing human beings raping these children, not institutions.

The deceptions of banking crisis when it was banking robberies, historical child abuse when it is heinous offences against little children as yet investigated to any degree of honesty or integrity past and present.

Perpetual deceptions, you have a right to remain silent, but……. .

The presumption of consent and the right to life today are mythical, when parliamentarians allowed doctors to attach DNR (do not resuscitate) cards to the infirmed, our elderly sick and disabled and those doctors turned off these people lives the doctors should have refused, they did not, they killed these people under direct instructions of PEOPLE in parliament.

Parliament did not turn these sick people’s lives off, people in parliament allowed other people in the NHS to do it for them.

Just as with the bedlam of Victorian euthanasia policies, PEOPLE enacted these policies, not political parties or politics itself, people are killing our people, not a virus our government tell us won’t harm HEALTHY people.

Politicians allowed the elderly back into care homes to save the NHS, doctors understood this virus id deadly to those with health conditions, as most elderly people do, yet allowed the doctor to empty NHS beds, not private beds, NHS beds, and send these people to their care homes knowing they were infected with corona, the common flu.

People in parliament done this, not political parties or politics, people sent those sick victims back home, not the NHS or the systems, these are the deceptions the great majority chose to accept.

This is what intelligent and an adaptive society chooses to accept, people in places of trust deceiving them, much of the time so obviously that the great majority go into active denial.

Active denial is not only an anti-personnel device, but also an operating system inside the mind of all human beings, many humans die saving other humans when they understand they might die in the process, they actively deny they are about to die, the Germans took advantage of this psychological condition to transport millions to their death when they all understood they were going to be murdered at the end of the journey. end of part one.

In part two we will deal with the second issue of active denial:

When active denial is accepted how do we stop parliamentarians inflicting these psychological issues and deceptions on to the people they are supposed to be representing?

James anderson OGP




the right to life has never belonged to the individual when the state has a conscription act and that is the end of it.

the right to life was removed with universal credit policies that can and do sanction people into malnutrition, social invalidation, persecution, sanctions, self-harming and suicide.

at the start of these policies, it was clearly understood by all political parties that these policies would harm and hurt our people, but the politicians decided that the harm and hurt would be kept to a minimum.
what was the initial estimates of the amount of people who would get hurt and/or harmed?

so far that minimum has passed the total of 350,000 human beings, without the inclusion of the numbers during the last 18 months who have died because of these policies, that is 350,000 human beings who all had the right to life removed by parliamentarians en mass.

350,000 people who all had a life, some had families, brothers’ sisters’ fathers and mothers, all died because of universal credit, political policies we were told was to help save the economy and reduce the benefits bill.

the vast majority of benefits go to the elderly the disabled and WORKING families who cannot afford to live and work.

350 000 human beings psychologically politically and economically abused by those professing to represent the political aspirations of a nation are dead.
some of these people voted tory, many voted for the opposition parties, none of these parties have even tried to abolish universal credit or its deal with the consequences.

if terrorist killed 350,000 people we would be at war with the nation of origin, if an industrial accident killed 350 000 people there would be hell to pay, but if your own government do it, what the fk its only people.

to put this into some kind of perspective for you, universal credit, a political decision, and the policies of that decision have caused the death of more people in the last nine years than the last one hundred and twenty years of national and international terrorism, these economic policies have harmed more British people than the German Luftwaffe did in two world wars.

how many are going to die to save the nhs in the next round of this pandemic?
how many will be harmed and hurt this time, the next time, or the time after?
how is it possible for people to be killed outside of war by the policies of their own government without those politicians and the opposition parties not be on trial for socially cleansing our own people?

the art of propaganda that is how, the art of allowing people how to not know what they know, just as with the child rape epidemic in the ranks of our lords our representatives our politicians and their peers, we don’t allow ourselves to know what we know for a peaceful life.

this is not the minimum depth our politicians and their peers are allowed to go, ow they go right into your right to life and the concept of you as a sovereign entity destroying whatever they want too because you don’t want to know what you know.

the fact that most people can’t handle what they do know about politicians makes the politicians position all the more secure, it’s a piece of psychological warfare, subconsciously you ask yourself “if politicians can’t and or won’t stop child rapist in their own ranks who can?

when you can’t find a way to stop these child rapists in power and politicians wont your mind just refuses to allow you to think about things you do know, ergo these will never end because normal people will not look for an ending.
we have the worlds best psychological warfare expert working for politicians covering this whole scamdemic issue, look how well they have done, now children are being asked to self-sacrifice to save the NHS.

first it was the elderly who needed protection from with a genetic experimental vaccine, then over 50’s then all adults needed this protection, then all of the young, now it is the children sacrificing their genetics in an experiment no one knows the ending of because by its nature, it’s an experiment.

the cardinal rule of psychological warfare is to make people their own worst enemy, force them, because of their own helplessness to help these children being raped and our people being killed by our own politicians, force them to inflict not knowing what they do know on their own moral conscience.
that is where we, as a people, are now….

it doesn’t have to be this way.
james anderson OGP



On forces news this morning the news started with a governmental investigation going on into a company who makes tanks, the contract was for 500 new light/medium tanks with a payment in advance of 3.1 billion pounds of tax payers’ money.

To date, 25 have been delivered and all of them are knackered because of vibrations and noise.

On the film of the vibrations the turret gun is visibly vibrating as the tank crashes down from the tilt of a sharp fall, the vibrations and noise inside these vehicles injured many of the soldiers and ex-soldiers testing this kit.
When asked “do the tanks you have delivered work?” It took the company representative several times of complicated excuses to get to the point of saying no, they don’t work.

3.1 billion pounds for 25 knackered tanks, that is the reality of many businesses across the board doing government contracts, the worst being the contract to grow up to 60 tons of cannabis, this cannabis is grown and turned into heavy oils, these oils are sold to the nhs at ten pounds a gram, tax payers money pays for these oils and there are laws to stop the tax payers using these oils to aid many cancerous illnesses.

The government contract people to grow drugs, buy those drugs from the dealer, sell those drugs to the nhs and criminalise these drugs under the 1939 cancer act and the miss use of drugs act.

The government and the nhs make cash from not selling cannabis oils by forcing people into harmful and invasive procedures and drugs.

These oils are cures/medical aids for many cancerous issues as well as fits, ptsd and minor psychological problems have been proven to be of help but the people who profit from it, our politicians and their friends, tell us we are not allowed it even though we paid for it from beginning to end.

Billions spent on drugs and broken tanks…… we don’t have political governance, we have an old boy network of criminality and that’s the end of it, for either of these two issues to be a reality a litany of criminality from fraud to social cleansing has to be taking place.

Politicians are screaming about the environment that they told us forty years ago would be disappearing under water, 30 years ago we were told it would be an ice age in ten years, 20 years ago we were told again we would drown in ten years and now this year its another ten years and the environment will kill us all, trillions being spent to save the planet.

I’m 60 next year, something is amiss here, they want to make us carbon neutral, net neutral, not gross, but net, so they will cook the books, so the books read as they write and you will fell what they want you to feel, fear of….. .
In fear for the environment, of terrorism, foreign and domestic, genderism identityism politics, no real politics, crime and no punishment, war, food shortages, vaccines, experiments, political epidemics of child abuse and the list is bloody endless……….

Do not resuscitate for the elderly and the disabled to save the nhs, millions of homes and lives destroyed with lockdowns to save the nhs.

A massive enforced medical experiment on the whole population to save the nhs, clapping to save the nhs whilst the doctors danced and people were killed with dnr behind them in the hospitals, live on tv.

As with your gross and net wages, shafting you is simple, just make the numbers up as you go along and add words to justify ripping people off.
Propaganda and your fear cause all of this, your emotions concerning all of these issues stunted by your own fear of politicians, people you indirectly employ to represent your political ideology through the party you voted for.
Because this is allowed by the voter who keeps voting for the same political parties and their employees who run the country, it will never end, its not meant to end.

Without governance by the people our politicians will stay crooked and corrupted, without law and order in parliament our system will always be abused by those using it to profit, without the ability to punish criminality in political representation, criminality will continue to thrive.

More tax havens, holding the cures for cancerous issues and technology useful to our nation as assets, more banking crimes, more psychological child abuse in schools with genderism and identity fluidity, more children rapped and buggered by those professing to represent the political aspirations of a nation.

James anderson




At one time when politicians wanted something they had to offer something, this is no longer the case if you are poor, disabled, working on the minimum wage or unemployed, in short, if you don’t have the cash politics holds nothing for anyone.

If on the other hand you are a wealthy tory politician or a wealthy labour politician, the chances are you will be at banquets and parties, flying the globe and making positions for yourself for the time you have to give up politics, then you can sell the countries secrets as a foreign advisor on governmental protocall.

You can even be made the “ambassador for peace” in the middle east after you have bomber the hell out of the middle east.

You can carry on abusing the laws of the land and privateering from the public purse to feather not only your own nest but that of your friends and colleagues and can wittily hundreds of billions of pounds into people’s pockets for no discernible return to the tax payers you are ripping off.

You can get your mates licences to grow and sell cannabis and heroin, you can rape children and get away with it and have it covered up by your political colleagues who will use it to blackmail and coheres you.

You can set up companies that deliberately show companies and individuals how to avoid taxes and paying civil dues to this country.

You can tell people your personal psychological problems and preferences like gender and identity and have them made into laws so normal people have to comply with abnormal psychological issues of individuals and have them force opinions identities and genders on to children.

You can even force laws to tell little boys they can menstruate, this for me is the final nail in our normality, if is the new normal to tell a normal genetic little boy a deliberate lie, a psychological lie and a physical lieu and force the child to believe it then that is as warped as i am willing to accept from politicians and their perceptions of the new normal

Whilst we should have beware of politicians who clearly have psychological issues with wanting to question and or change our identity and our natural genders, politicians have let these people’s personal issues with their sexualities, identities and rampant genderism become our future, the old view of what was and was not normal has been destroyed by politicians.

What is normal, forcing people to take a genetic vaccine or they can’t go clubbing, forcing healthy children to risk their genetics to save grandma, who is 90, from getting a virus that is the common flu rebranded?

What is normal, people not seeing a pandemic but believing it exists so allow themselves to be experimented on en mass, is that really normal, or is that the results of a year of fear of a rebranded common rhino-corona/sars/covid/delta flu or whatever other excrement the politicians want you to believe, is that sodding normal people?

Politicians have created the ultimate in dystopianism, people who really do believe lies like little boys having menstrual cycles and a population in an experiment no one knows the ending of, well done britain, you failed in freedom, morality and intelligence, our ancestors will be ashamed of us all.

Your acceptance of other people’s perverse diversities have allowed the minds of children to be turned into identity and gender experiments on a national scale, something never allowed before in british history.

The psychological damage being done is immense, but few will accept their part in accepting this travesty of honesty and the abuse of natural genders and identity.

The world we are allowing to be built for our children will be psychological lies and perverse diversities forced into their perceptions of life and our purpose, the political destruction of the concept of a soul will march on relentlessly in children until there are none, just individuals looking for identities and genders for their life and politicians holding the psychologist and surgeons’ doors wide open to children.

The industry to destroy our natural genders and self-identity, (the soul on a human journey) for a more compliant and never-ending cash pot of experimentation with our lives and that of our children is the new normal.

James anderson



For many years now there has been legal battles with parliament and the people on everything from human rights violations to the fallacy that is the right to lawful rebellion, the fact that the people are taking our own government to court is a principle that people should not have to contemplate.

The removal of legal aid to the most vulnerable in society at the same time as mass human rights violations from policies of parliament has to be looked at with a new sense of concern, because each person being hurt has a right not to be hurt, each dead person due to collective forced austerity had the right to life, they are dead.

Each victim of state protected child abuse in the ranks of our lords representatives politicians and peers have the right to justice, the use of the official secrets act to protect present past and future perpetrators of these offences from justice is a corruption of every sense of justice, this is an offence to every child abused, in the past, present and those who will be abused.One has to accept the fact that all of these are issues of criminality that is unpoliced.

Irrespective of political party or state apparatus, the fact is there are people committing these offences, not the system, THE SYSTEM is not broken, the people running it are unpoliced and out of control.

Their attitudes and priorities are so far from the will of the people it beggar’s belief, to any sane mind.Irrationality, such as collective punishment with austerity for the actions of the bankers (who robbed us all TWICE in four years) and the forced austerity when the people ordering the austerity knew it was not necessary or the collective punishment of the homeless for BEING homeless have to be viewed in realistic terms, calling all of these issues anything other than acts of wanton destruction of PEOPLE would be a tragedy of proportions the dead would be insulted, again.

This is the result of the people not being in control of other people we allow the honour of our authority.This is not political, religious, its not radical or fundamentalist, its about the authority of the people being abused across the board by other PEOPLE we employ to do a JOB.

Not people who will try and convince us that an “unwritten constitution” is real, how stupid do these people think we are…………….”an unwritten constitution” stupid.People run our country, not politics, people hurt people, not political ideologies, people caused these issues not metaphors or “organisations”, we the people need to control the people we employ to look after us all.jsa


The mandate of OGP is exactly what it says in the title, objective governance, governance of the people with the people’s objectives and not the subjective governance of political representation.

The day that parliament, the crown and the house of lords allowed the official secrets act to be used to protect offenders of innocent children, all three national institutions became unfit to govern.

This one act alone made all these institutions and the people employed therein nothing more than protagonists in the continued child abuse by members of their own ranks.Our governance in the 21st century must be different from the last two millennia; it must be different from the last 20 years.

Children in the 1960’s believed that the world would change for the better and the children of today are repeating the same pleas, as have generations of children irrespective of colour or religion.It is a sad fact that “political ideologies and theologies” have been corrupted by greed and wealth, but it has opened the eyes of a generation to the corruption and criminality that is the reality of political representation.

In order to simplify the difference between objective governance and the political governance of today is;The government have accepted that “they” have lost ten thousand children.

Our government have not had to answer where these children are now.Our government have not had to answer when these little kids are being returned or what is the government doing to find them.

Our oppositions parties are not kicking off.Objective governance would peruse the questions to their conclusions, our government ignore the issue and so does the opposition, the police, the judiciary etc, these children are missing, and no one in parliament cares.

The fact that no politician can be arrested over covering up child abuse by their colleagues makes our political establishment and the judiciary, unfit to differentiate between simple right and wrong.

The lack of responsibility, accountability and objectivity can be seen in the Brit exit fiasco, it takes years to make decisions on a simple divorce case, yet when those in parliament NEED a law or legislation passed to stop the nation leaving the EU it can be called into law in days.

Political parties from four nations screaming about different issues wanting one disproportionate union of four nations to leave another disproportionate union of 28, the irony is inescapable.

So, if we can all agree that “political governance” is unfit to govern, then an alternative must be found to replace the corruption that is political decisions based on finance or favours.A workable solution to the criminality in parliament and our institutions is a “house of representatives”, this will be explained as we go on.But for the moment let us consider the main parts of the ideology of objective governance;



The first issue OGP if elected by the good and honest people of the united kingdoms would be to make it government policy that; all elected political leaderships be held criminally responsible for the policies of their employees, who occupy places of trust and governance, if those policies harm or hurt those being governed.

That all political representatives of political parties be held criminally reasonable for their own actions and the actions of their colleagues if those actions harm or hurt those being governed.Reasons for policy; when the state introduced universal credit, it was on the understanding that this “was to save money on the benefits bill”The government own wording in the health directorate was, “people will be hurt but the hurt would be kept to a minimum”


The OGP will seek the assistance of an English-speaking foreign police force to investigate the last 30 years of child abuse in the ranks of our politicians and peers (and security and media services) and will turn over all child abuse cases under the official secrets act to this police force.

There are many cases of mass child abuse being covered up with the official secrets act, this means little kids are being buggered, raped and abused and no thought is being paid to the many thousands of victims of members of parliament, the BBC, house of lords and many national institutions like sport and the media as well as our churches, synagogues and mosques.

It is criminal to cover up child abuse with one’s official status and office and it will be retrospectively treated as such.

There are many complicated laws to stop child abuse and trafficking, they don’t work, child abuse isn’t stopping, it is getting worse and to the point it is practically accepted as “just par for the course”.


There was no banking crisis, it was robbery, theft, fraud, deception, it was a series of criminal offences on open markets by bankers and financiers who gambled the nations money away and then stole our monies and used our savings and insurances as well as our pension pots to pay their debts.

The government used taxes to replace the stolen money and yet more taxes to pay the rest of the criminality, like the fraudulence of the Ppi’s.These same bankers reformatted the same Ppi swindle within four years and our government had to bail them out again with more tax money.

The resulting effect of no taxes left to run the country means that the government are now borrowing trillions of pounds over the next few years off these same bankers to run our country.

Our taxes to pay for services, the NHS, our kids futures etc are all going into paying bankers, the same banks who keep robbing us and parliament keep letting away with it.

Then the government FORCE austerity on to the country because the banks told our government “if you don’t reduce borrowing, we will stop giving you loans to run the country”.Our national consent was not asked for over these banking crimes, it was taken for granted that the people would just accept this as “par for the course”


The 1939 cancer act was a criminal act when it was written and will be a criminal act until it is abolished, it promotes harmful radiation and refuses non evasive non-destructive cures for many kinds of ailments, including several of the 260 variations of the term “cancer”.

The drug minister has allowed licences to her own family members and others, to sell cannabis at over 5 times the street value, whilst all along refusing those cures to the people of our nation under the maintenance that cannabis is dangerous and does NOT cure cancers.

The destruction of the hemp industry for the synthetic oil industry and the removal of the cures for many illnesses with cannabis oils for the radium and pharmaceutical industries was deliberate and criminal in intent, it removed hemp for plastic and cannabis oils for radiation.

The abolition of the 1939 cancer act, the decriminalisation of recreational cannabis and the resurgence of the hemp industry would not only assist in policing resources going where needed but it would reduce the reliance on plastics by massive amounts.

Whilst this is the most horrendous act of parliament to be written by “honourable” politicians imaginable, it was imagined and maintained as well as profited from.

The planting of hemp has been proven to reduce toxins in the ground such as radiation, not to use such a resource is criminal in itself considering the benefits this one particular plant has across the board, but our politicians hold this and profit from the sale of cannabis to the tune of 600 million pounds a year, but this is accepted as “just par for the course”.


When parliament got hold of the human rights agreement that agreement said it would be a criminal offence for anyone to abuse the human rights of another human being, when our own politicians got it the replaced the word criminal with civil, this reduced the offence of human rights violations to CIVIL offences and not prosecutable under the criminal justice act.

The people were conned into believing they have rights, but those rights can not be enforced and will not be honoured by parliamentarians, the proof being in the DWP deaths, collective austerity and collective punishment for the actions of the bankers.Forced austerity and poverty as well as the violations committed by our own representatives makes the human rights act a pointless exercise as the police, who swear an oath to protect YOUR human rights, are not allowed to get involved in CIVIL issues of human rights abuses by parliament.

Our own politicians tell us we are protected with human rights, the police swear an oath to protect those rights and our politicians legislate to stop the police enforcing the human rights act on to parliament, as one can see, “just par for the course”.

OGP will retrospectively criminalise human rights violations by state apparatus such as the DWP and Parliament and take criminal actions to ensure justice is served to the victims of the last 20 years of collective criminality from parliamentarians.


The biggest division maker in our four nations is law, religious law, criminal law, civil law, country law, etc, this is designed to confuse, this is compounded with the use of an alien language called legalese, this language is inherently deceptive as any statement has several meanings.

The use of our national recognised languages in our courts makes a level plain for the accused as they would understand the language the court is using.Legalese is not English and is not taught in our education system even though it governs our every law.

The translation of our laws into legalese from English should not be necessary, but its “par for the course”ABUSE OF OFFICEFrom tax havens to false claims and general dishonesty in parliamentarian ranks, our legal system has failed to make politicians and the upper echelons accountable for their actions under criminal law, the same laws that would have another person in jail for a fraction of the offence.

This is not accidental that our upper echelons are outside of the law, privateering, although technically illegal, is commonplace in the sale of the NHS to friends and colleagues of minsters etc, the criminality is blatant, but again, we accept this as just par for the course.

This is nothing less than criminal governance geared for the wealthy and those using our authority to abuse their position and profit from our suffering, this kind of behaviours can no longer be view as “just par for the course ” when our nation is being hurt by our own upper echelons who do these things and those who just sit back and allow such things as mass child abuse in their OWN ranks.


With many issues such as genderism, gender fluidity and transism the state has taken the consent of parents away from them and teaching children about these issues BEFORE teaching our children their actual gender.

Children are being forced to contemplate their gender as young as 5, the issue that they may not even be a gender or may be another gender is being contemplate by infants, before many of these infants know how to tell the time on a clock.

The contemplation of gender and infants is child abuse, children have a right to be who they are before being forced to contemplate they may be something else, this is psychological child abuse with proven failed experiments on gender fluidity and genderism which has been discredited by the vast majority of the medical as well as the psychological industry, the people profiting are the drug industry and the psychiatric industry.

OGP will halt all gender related experiments in schools and on children until a national debate is had on the issue of gender and the realities and practicalities of gender fluidity and the teaching of this to children, without the consent of the parents.

There are many laws to protect children, but no laws to protect children from politically driven issues such as this genderism.The sovereignty of parents must be restored without debate.


The OGP will nationalise all outsourced policing, the removal of the consent of the people to be consulted before the privatisation of policing was political and put the policing of our country directly in the hands of politicians, even criminality such as extortion is now being allowed because politicians declared it a civil offence.

Websites are replacing police officers, police officers are being used to protect “national assets” such as fracking and cannabis fields owned by the drug ministers husband, its an abuse of our policing when knife crime is on the rise that officers are protecting drug fields and criminal gangs of child abusers in authority.

Politicians removed themselves from policing when they used the official secrets act to protect criminals and the violation of children past, present and future.


Each individual person irrespective of colour of religion IS a sovereign, a sovereign of their own decisions, the most important of those decisions is the right to say no.The sovereignty of “you” is a birth right, the sovereignty to prosper under one’s own merit, to self defence and to the right to be at peace and not at odds with those professing your representation, if you should choses someone to represent you.The sovereignty of the individual to be governed by their own conscience is a fundamental inherent birth right.

This was removed with the concept of royalty and the concept of “representation by…” both concepts were built by people who would profit from the “many” under the protection of the “few”, we now call this “the crown and state”.Royalty is a claim on your personal sovereignty by Elizabeth Windsor personally.

This claim is a claim based solely on imposed law and the “word” of religious fundamentalists; these religious fundamentalists imposed the client kings of Rome on our nation until henry VIII imposed his personal religious fundamentalism on to these nations.

There is no proof of this claim to YOUR sovereignty by Elizabeth Windsor being divine allowances or even moral and without real proof this must be challenged by, no person owns the sovereignty of another person or that persons family and conscience.

Politicians are attempting to make civil responsibility part of your rights, rights are not for politicians to take or give, this is nothing more than criminal subjugation through law.

The OGP will reformat the human right act to a criminal act and not a civil act.When politicians and our “”peers”” got the human rights act they removed the word criminal and replaced it with civil, this was fraud, because it was not explained to the people that their human rights by definition would be civil issues if abused and not criminal offences.

This one act alone put politicians above the human rights of the people they have abused with forced austerity.Politicians or peers who abuse the human rights of the people they represent will be treated under criminal law and not civil law.

This will retrospectively cover the years from 2000 to the date of enactment.The sovereignty and the inherent rights of the individual is not for any human being or establishment to own, neither under the auspice of divine agreement or political subjugation.James Anderson. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2049620155340028



for many years we have listened to politicians talking about the return of Victorian values, these values, only understood by politicians the upper echelons and historians, were the panicle of the first Victorian age, profit from and subjugate the masses and build a society within society void of all responsibility for the masses.

the first Victorian empire died during and after the second world war, ordinary people conned into the first world war were not going to be conned by politicians and the upper echelons ever again, a new society of equality and democracy would prevail, the state would tax and with those taxes look after the people and the country’s infrastructure.

the NHS was the state reward for those who died in the second world war to stop people rioting, because once again the politicians and upper echelons were forcing poverty and austerity on to those who apparently won the war.
and just as with the first world war, women were promised all sorts of things to join and support the war effort, much of those issues just ignored after the war like work equality and social equity, none really delivered, just the lip service.

one has to remember that Victorian values put children up into chimneys to clean them, children in workhouses and children used as sex toys by the elite religions and the “theatre industry” or the arts/media as it is now known.

much of the “theatre” in the times of Victoria were made up of individuals with very perverse ideologies and philosophies, including gender perceptions and deception and transhumanism, and paedophilia, these were all clearly visible in Victorian values.

a massive part of social and political history that is bypassed by historians and our upper echelons consistently is the opium crisis that swept the Victorian system to the core.

much of the top end of society were on an opium binge, this was sold in shops, cannabis oil was used in the general population to ease and cure many illnesses, the smoking of this product was also highly used in the upper echelons of society, just as with all things enjoyable to the masses these things became “rich people’s aphrodisiacs” as with fine wines and spirits,

this economic abuse of state wealth and the abuse of the people, keeping them in poverty, was not accidental, it had taken ordinary people nearly two thousand years to be allowed to read and write, we were kept uneducated deliberately.

the only reason we are educated now is because uneducated people can’t use modern tools or weapons, if it were not for the industrial revolution and mechanisation the people would still be uneducated.

between 1945 and 1980 this country and people prospered in education and social awareness, slowly people were climbing out of the poor house, people were more open to new ideologies and theologies and with this brings the inevitable push against the institutional narrative.

when thatcher came to power, she stated she would return our nation to Victorian values, this would start with banning strikes for equality and equity, liberties being slowly eroded with bans on the media telling little if anything other than the state narrative.
by the 1990’s the politicians had outlawed many rights perceived by the great majority to be written in stone, the mass of the population, now educated, now understood the corruption in laws and deceptions in the use of legalese and sole trading.

by the end of the 1990’s politicians understood that the country was going into an educated revolution of minds, we, the people were just as educated as our “peers” and ministers, many ordinary people started demanding their rights as stated in charters and laws, none were to be honoured.

since the early 1980’s lords and their peers as well as ordinary people have been trying to get those rights honoured and have failed.
Victorian values from “new labour” started the new millennium and this has remained, the greed and social destruction of the Torie party at the end of the last millennium was carried on by all political parties until the start of the rebranded flu.

Victorian values have been reimposed with special attention being paid to frightening us and screwing with the minds of children with the media and arts, the same Victorian perversion through diversity is being rebranded as “the new age of reason” and rebranding child rapists as MAP’s.

Victorianism is the perversity of diversity and the subjugation of people for pleasure and profit, using people, taking from them and keeping them in fear and stupidity is the ultimate in Victorian values because these people get pleasure from other people’s slavery, mentally, socially, economically and or physical.

from thatcher and the rise of the second empire we now have a totally dystopian society being moulded into law, these laws remove your right to say no and that’s the end of it, once you have no right to say no you have no rights at all.

the pandemic scam and the rebranding of the common flu have taken your right to say no and twisted it to say that if you say no to politicians and their minions you must be a bad person.

this is only the beginning of the second empire internally for our people, the corruption and greed from those running the country is just starting, so far hundreds of billions of pounds have been skimmed off to the wealthy and colleagues of our politicians’ lords representatives and their peers.

as well as the calamity of criminality of these bogus vaccines that are a genetic experiment not stopping the virus it was intended for and the contradictions of facts concerning pandemics and scamdemic, politicians know that can not let us out of our psychological fear boxes now.

if they lose the fear controlling the population the population will hang the lot, politicians and their peers understand this and are combatting it the only way they know how, subjugation and cruelty driven with fear and terror.

other countries since thatcher have felt the weight of the second empire, the first empire sold guns to both sides, used chemical and biological warfare, social warfare and lawful subjugation and just as with today sold masses of drugs and financial and legal services (tax havens and privateering) while keeping their own people in poverty and austerity continuously.

the world understood Victorian values just as did our own people, the grave years are full of the cost of an empire, I wonder how long this second empire will continue?
james anderson




Let us set out with a clear understanding, I have been on both sides of many fences in my life, from criminality to soldiering, from domestic violence protection and running hostels for those on criminal bail to city centre security, to private investigations, personal security and private soldiering, I really have seen all sides of the coin so to speak, so the following is from experience.

From I was nine years old i had been standing in front of juvenile courts for extracting the urine out of the system, my brother and I were right little gits and becoming dangerous little gits, this I understood at nine, by time I went into care I understood exactly what I was doing and what I had done.

From a control point of view, the punishment not only fitted the crime, but theoretically, at ten years old I can be rehabilitated, a ten-year-old going into the system should come out of the system better able to control themselves and with a better respect and understanding of the system.

This of course is theoretical rehabilitation, because the reality is only two things can stop someone committing a crime, one is the person themselves, the other is the punishment.

Let me clear an issue up for the do gooders in our country, one in ten people you think you are helping is being helped, the other nine are taking you for a ride, you are their key to their freedom, and they will tell you what you want to hear in a heartbeat if it means they get to go home early.

The reality is this is about freedom, the freedom to commit a crime and the consequences of doing so, losing that freedom, losing one’s freedom is never a deterrent to the desperate, to someone with a gun in his hand in a robbery the last thing on their mind is the punishment, only the cash.

The only thing the majority of people in jail are sorry about is getting caught, if there was no sympathetic judges or a parole system, they could take for a ride then the reality of the punishment would be a lot more severe.

The example being someone who gets 6 years for robbery, they understand that one third is left on the cards, so they have to do four years behind the door, parole could drop that to 18 months and out on licence.

So, as you can see the actual jail time in the persons head is never a reality because they strive to get parole by any means and if that first parole hearing fails there is another one 6 months later, so the prisoner is not psychologically doing a jail term of 6 years, just three six-month terms, it’s the psychology of it that lessens the punishment.

With all of the do gooders handing out rights and play stations, coloured tv’s and mobile phones the punishment has become a joke, there can never be rehabilitation because there is no punishment to regret.

Without the punishment fitting the crime the crime continues, it really is that simple, a million laws will not change the fact that unless the offender is offended it is unlikely, they will develop a proper set of moral codes to live by, whilst this may sound brutal, few could possibly deal with me without brutality.

How do you rehabilitate someone who enjoys what they do?

How do you stop someone who enjoys raping little children and his colleagues are too cowardly and pathetic to do anything other than enable more of the same by not stopping the offenders at all?

Let’s take as an example a politician who rapes a child and his friends in parliament cover the offence up with the official secrets act, that person is caught, and nothing happens, the offence is used as a leaver, so the offender is a yes man/woman forever.

That’s how the system is, you can walk out of a court for raping a child and get two years for a driving offence, you can walk free from a rape case and get jailed for a gram of weed, how is this in anyway conducive to a lawful country and a people who respect the laws of the land, its not, as its designed to be.

If i had been rehabilitated at ten, i may not have spent the next 6 years being tortured by social workers, but hindsight is a wonderful thing, if we learn from it and we don’t.

In my case the punishment fitted the crime, what happened to me when in care far exceeded any crime I could have committed as a child.

We punish children more severely than we do adults, how is that in anyway right?

For running away from care homes and torture I committed crimes to feed and clothe myself, I was on the move, collecting thigs was pointless, but when captured I would be punished for the crimes I had committed whilst attempting to stop myself being tortured by social workers and members of the church of Scotland.

The offences done to my mind and body ignored for the crimes against the state, the police, the solicitors, barristers and judges all knew what was going on in the care homes, I told them myself, showed them the scars and explained in fine detail how to torture a child sever times a day and not kill the child.

I did explain in great detail the mind fucks we would be put through from perceived drowning to stress positions classified as both psychological an physical torture under many different conventions, they did this to thousands upon thousands of children and still do, they punished them more for running away, the state can do what it wants to you but if you break a law that comes first and last in crime and punishment.

Our judicial system is broken and corrupted to protect the most serious offenders in society and the upper echelons like jimmy Saville and many more child rapists in positions of trust, authority and privilege, no laws for them and a whole book full for the rest of us.

Our system of crime and punishment has to start to the top of society, and it has to be seen to be working, this by proxy would encourage people not to commit crimes to a certain degree, and any degree is better than nothing.

We have the prisons, we have the laws, and neither are in tandem because the judges and do gooders always bugger the system up, where were the do gooders watching the care system, there are none that are even vaguely aware of what happens on the ground level of care homes between the children and the staff.

If law and order/crime and punishment started at the top of society the rest of society would see it works and be less inclined to offend, it really is simple psychology, punish those in charge severely and the rest will be less likely to offend.

James anderson



notice to my friends, family, members and followers, thank you all for your continued support during my latest 30 day ban from fbook.

during this transition period between people understanding the reality of our situation and standing up to change it I ask you to focus on yourself.

this is not selfish, without you what you are holding together collapses, now is the time to secure your own mind, to set aside personal doubts and trying to wake people up.

none are asleep, 18 months of jail time has woken many up and put just as many into a mental rabbit hole as they see their beliefs in leaders as well as their faith in religions crash before their eyes.

this brings three kinds of humans in to reality, those who want to follow that narrative, those who will not and those who will collaborate for “a return to normality”.

stop trying to convince people of the experiment and its harm, they already know, its denial now, not ignorance, only their “self” can overrule denial.

psychologically our people are at the same point in history the French were when the Germans invaded France and took over in World War two, the great majority of people just wanted “normality” and collaborated with the occupation, of those left there were only two sides, those who supported the Nazi’s and those who did not.

the former would hunt down the latter as both sides terrified the great majority with psychological warfare and propaganda.

in schools the children were taught to tell on their parents and friends, in the tenement blocks people spied on each other, theatres and bars no longer safe places for idle conversations, the dining table being the tool of information gathers.

our system has been taken over by corrupted and criminal politicians, the death toll rises, and the people understand this, get past that thought, accept it and move on, don’t ever drag the time you take to accept a truth, it may save your life.

you are alone, in a nation under criminal occupation, without any opposition to the mass of criminality from child abuse to tax havens, we have criminals in charge holding the cures and treatments for many illnesses under the 1939 cancer act and selling those cures to the NHS and even children are not allowed these treatments.

just that one paragraph in itself makes all of our politicians unfit to govern as they can’t seem to stop any of it.because they can’t stop it they just ignore it or make it a secret, that’s cowardice and or collusion, either make them all unfit to govern and enablers.so, in accepting the above as our reality, accept and move on to the next stage, YOUR resistance, first lesson here, fail to plan then you should plan to fail.

set up your own little group of locals, help each other in propaganda leaflets etc, start basic or die in your own complications.learn fast and look for more and better teachers, you only have so much, to resist you need so much more in people and from people.

trust no one, for their own good and your groups safety.

stay small.lots of small groups are hard to break as the romans found to their dismay, learn from history, try not to repeat it because very little has been a success for the masses.

never forget that CTIZENS GUARD and the objective governance party are judicial, not political religious or theoretical, we are of one mind…………. for one set of laws irrespective.

a house of representatives to govern those we chose to run the country and a written constitution agreed to by the majority of our nations people, unchangeable without majority consent.

we, the people, need to govern, as those we chose too have not, consistently generationally and systematically.

focus on what we can build without criminality in our governance, your propaganda must be better than theirs. they know politicians are not going to give up their greed for our need, let them be, let them come to you, stop looking for recruits so much, be selective to the point of a healthy paranoia.

thank you all again for all you do, those who have gone above and beyond, you know who you are, you are Christians and Muslims, Jews and atheists and the non-religiously attached, you are a multitude of shades, shapes and sizes, you are a multitude of nationalities, each of you make us, we must show people what our nation could be if we did not have so much criminality in our governance.

james anderson



how can I show you truth
when your conscience is blind
how can I expect anything
from a frightened mind

there are millions like this
too frightened to voice an objection
too frightened of their own opinion
and the fear of common rejection

families torn apart by a government experiment
the majority don’t want to understand
they have had 18 months of lockdown
and can see the sleight of hand

and now the experiment is failing
who is going to answer for the mistakes
who will investigate the corruptions
when even our politicians are fakes

where is the politics in population experimentation
or the politics in leaving children defiled
why is the politics in identity and sexuality
why cant a child just be a child

why cant we just have a peaceful existence
no matter if you’re dark or pale
and instead of making up new laws
just put offenders in the jail

put politicians who rape little children
on an open and a public trial
lets put our upper echelons in the spotlight
and watch the mass denial

lets put those holding the cures for cancerous illnesses
in a court of the peoples making
lets see the truth of the cancer act
and the profits politicians are taking

its time to change
it starts in your mind
you can no longer pretend
that you’re deaf and you’re blind

we have a chance to change the future
we have a final chance to end the pain
we can reject the political criminality
arrest them all and start again

start again with new ideologies
let the past stay where it belongs
to build a better future for our children
we have to stand up to the wrongs

james anderson



First, we were taught to despise masculinity, it was out cast as with mother and father, male and female, now it is people’s self-identity and solidity in common purpose that is being destroyed, what we are is being controlled and changed and what we are becoming is a self-harming nation of the weak and the woke.




Your priests keep secrets in your religions

Your politicians do the same

Your upper echelons protected by more secrets

These allowances much to your shame

We shame our race

When we argue about shades of skin

We harm our soul

By not looking within

We harm our children

Let others twist their mind

Let others experiment on these kids

We have criminals leading the blind

We have moral indignation without substance

We talk of unity whilst trying to be alone

We take or our warmth and our compassion

And allow injustice with a heart of stone

Instead of teaching inner harmony

A child is taught to obey

Its taught it has no gender or identity

The grownups having nothing to say

There is a criminal element in our governance

And it’s that we need to root out

If we removed the greed from our leadership

Children need not go without

The homeless need not be on the streets

Nor the veterans die alone

Nor would we be bowing to hypocrisy

Or to anyone be kneeling prone

With wisdom we could be so much better

With peace our souls could rest

With security in our minds

We can start to be our best

The insecurity around you is manufactured

Just as with wars so never ending

Just as with the constant psy ops warfare

We are dying not transcending

As a race our divisions are killing us

As a species we are all the same race

As souls on a human journey

And it’s our spiritual death we face

Time is short but not too late

One voice will end our demise

One voice that says enough is enough

And let our moral phoenix rise

We can rise above the fear

We can rise above the sorrow

We rise up as a race of people

And stop the dying of tomorrow

James anderson





The irony of watching our politicians attend a summit for democracy whilst experimenting on our people is quite sickening to me, not because I am anymore of a moral person than the next but because it does not have to be this way.

We accept words like “levelling up” when the irony of that is they have had 2000 years to level things up, hasn’t happened, never gonna, end of.

We accept that robotics and AI will replace us at work, even on the battlefield, but the irony of that is that politicians can’t handle our aspirations now far less when the majority of the population have sod all to do.

The logical question being if politicians can’t solve our aspirational issues now how will they ever?

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