Get off the shelf

Get off the shelf
We kneel to religion
When it means “to hold one back”
We kneel to theologies of destruction
Labelled white and black
We support the political person
When it’s a “blood sucking parasite”
We vote for politicians
And all they do is fight
We obey a government
When it means “to govern the mind”
Look within your “self” my friends
Such contradictions make you blind
It makes you blind to contradictions
Even your moral thoughts rebel
You want to save our future
From an obvious structured hell
A hell built for the greedy
A hell for you and me
But not a hell for them my friend
Because that’s what they call free
Free to abuse our children
Free to abuse our wealth
Free to destroy our humanity
And destroy our mental health
Slavery of our minds and bodies
Its as old as law itself
No longer can you just look down
Frightened on your shelf

The last stand of a generation

The last stand of a generation

Is the sum of our own experiences
Worth the cost of who we are
Is the total of our humanity
Nothing but a scar

A human race self-harming
Their bodies minds and planet
Other people hold the threads of life
Their souls as hard as garnet

Our world is heaving from the injuries
The other creatures eat our plastic
If only we could see ourselves
Our humanity so sarcastic

We can see the pictures of our destruction
And so few will understand
Those who run our country
Are way far out of hand

If the people control our politicians
We could change this all around
We could build a new beginning
If we just get off the ground

Get off your knees its not worth it
Hold your heart out in your hand
Your contempt hold in the other
Because now is our last stand


Jigsaw world:

19 March 2014
Jigsaw world:

We live in three parts of a jigsaw,
The first is us alone,
Then all the things around us,
And our peer’s we cant de-throne.

We are prone to be abused by them,
And the tax men are so brave,
Taxing this and taxing that,
Even when we’re in the grave

They tax the ground we walk on,
Our food they mess about,
They force new laws upon us,
And leave us all without.

Our peer’s have no morality,
They show us time and again,
And if we stand to shout out loud,
We are dealt such awful pain.

This problem isn’t new,
It as old as life itself,
It’s about children going hungry,
And the greedy hoarding wealth.

We have a chance to change this fact,
And take it as our fate,
We’re here to demand our freedom,
Before it’s all too late.

Three thousand years of humanity,
Sheeple all around,
6 billion aspirations,
Like tarmac on the ground.

Six billion souls to pave the way,
For the wealthy and our peer’s,
To live in diamonds towers,
And revel in our tears.

This is the final conflict,
It’s our choice whose path to pave,
The path of saddened slavery,
Or the rights existence gave.

Only you can give away,
The right that you should save,
The right to life and happiness,
Until you’re in your grave.


curse on you

A curse on you

You say you have a god
You say this as a Jew
You say this as a Christian
And Muslims say this too

You say your god is merciful
You say your god is kind
You say god has his own plan
Yet you pray to change his mind

You say that your religion is the right one
You say the other two are wrong
You say death to non-believers
Forcing people to belong

You say you have a moral compass
You say you believe in god
You say you will go to heaven
When you didn’t give a sod

You say with such conviction
Even with your dying breath
That you believe in god on high
When he cant stop the death

He can not stop the child abuse
Or a religions terrorist
You keep blaming man’s free will
The contradiction being missed

2000 years of religious lies
Written by the chosen few
Chosen by themselves of course
And such a curse on you.


Hearing the cries

Hearing the cries


It is said that an artist will find beauty

No matter the view his eyes behold

For a poet and philosopher

The same cannot be told


For the poet his eyes

Must see the truth

His ears must hear

To show you the proof


The empath can feel the narcissist

The child a predator’s mind

A poet must use all senses

Or end up writing blind


Of all the arts

The poet feels the most

As each poem comes to an end

He always carries its ghost


The bitter sweetness life plays out

Modernity honours the lies

So many people hurting

And the poet feels their cries



14 March 2014 ·
Before one can understand the complexity of “psychological governance” please at least pay eye service to Darwin’s “the decent of man” theology.
So Darwin 101, the sawn-off version:
Whilst Darwin was a genius in “joined up comparisons” to build his theory of evolution, he then made and uneducated guess that if man did not remove the genetic defects/defectives, he decided that man would eventually breed himself back to stupidity.
That’s the very sawn-off version.
The defectives are the disabled, the mentally ill, the lazy and the “mentally non-compliant”’ (again a short version but the essence is there.)
“Mentally defective” in Darwin’s era was a very wide path and totally ignorant in “the study of human emotions”.
Any theology as to man in 100,000 years’ time without the inclusion of man’s greatest asset, his emotions is flawed, because emotions can stop us killing and will let us sacrifice our own lives for an injured enemy soldier or run into a fire to save a child, and this wanton act of self-destruction destroys Darwin’s theology of survival of the fittest as humanities predominant gene, unless you are a totally selfish bastard and would watch the child burn alive.
Then he justified the elimination of these human beings with the point that they were “a drain in resources and man’s ascension to our next evolutionary level”
Darwin’s future prediction of humans is based on nothing more than comparing animal actions and breeding to human actions and breeding.
Refusing to believe that humans have humanity because of our emotion and the refusal to accept that highly developed emotions IS our humanity, was a fundamental flaw in his whole theology of the accent and decent of man.
But in his defence, to accept humans have highly developed emotions and empathy was practically witch craft in Darwin’s time and coterie to religious theology of “bury how you feel and comply”
End of 101.
All politicians and our upper echelons of our country believe in Darwin.
Many times, since Darwin, politicians have put his recommendations into practice with civil euthanasia, human experiments and death camps from South Africa to Europe, from the America to the salt mines of Siberia.
Attempts to eradicate “the flaws of society” have not changed in their final conclusions, millions of dead humans.
The colonization of the America’s far surpassed anything Hitler achieved with his 6 million Jews, colonization cost 200 million plus, dead “flawed unchristian” natives from Alaska to the Falklands, but then Americans took euthanasia and slavery to another level of human deprivation by trying to BREED the perfe
ct Negro.
These studies were popular reading in European and the American universities.
A slave breeder must justify in their own mind the removal of emotions from the practice of breeding human Negro’s:
Any slave owner or breeder irrespective of education, voluntary removes their personal compassion and any form of empathy from the morality of breeding humans in chains.
And it is this twisted psychology that governs our politicians and upper echelons in society.
Politicians didn’t think of compassion and or emotional empathy when it come to dropping a single bomb that killed 100,000 humans so fast that some poor bastard left his shadow behind.
What a horrifying human Darwinian thing to do, is this the accent of man in the industrial age and beyond “survival of the latest technologies”.
But to clarify the modern use of psychology in governance, one needed to understand the consequences of such practices first.
In modern politics, the disabled, the mentally ill, the unemployed, protesters, strikers and the “mentally non-compliant” are once again a major problem for politicians, the longer they live the more they cost, it is that simple to politicians and the supper rich as well as the majority of the upper echelons in our business and social society today.
Again, actions are being taken by politicians and multinational companies irrespective of the cost to any victims.
Again, emotions are removed from the equation, with economics to justify immoral political and economic actions.
The major problem all politicians have is that the last 50 years have educated the population to a high degree of awareness of oneself and those around us, as well as our global community.
This education has advanced forward “mans” personal awareness of integrated emotions and compassion, empathy and a clearer understanding of politics and politicians.
This has frightened our elite, the industrialist do not want protests for better wages, the government want compliance unto death, the multinational owners and the super-rich just want to collect money and buy authority.
Meanwhile there are 6 billion people who don’t give a flying fish finger about politics that are controlled by it.
6 billion people just want a job, food on the table, a little holiday once a year and to enjoy their life till the hole in the ground seals your fate. 100,000 emotionless human beings’ control all of us with legislation we don’t agree with, guilty and dirty psychology, nothing more.
Blame the war on the other country propaganda, when only politicians can start wars and only politicians (or millions of non-political people being killed and therefore become non-voters and non-tax payers) can end wars.
Psychological warfare was first properly used in world war one, examples promoting braver against cowardice were commonplace, but so was the persecution.
Protesters or objectors to the war were cowards wishing to destroy the “moral fabric of the nation”
Pointing out the political immorality of accepting 16000 dead humans in one hour of one battle, with men running into open space ground attacking machine guns, is of course branded as “cowardly traitors, defeatist” and “not in keeping with the moral standards of the British empire”.
And many good men would be shot for having an emotional response to the horrors of war, “cowardice in the face of the enemy” for a man who can no longer function because he is having a mental and emotional breakdown at what he had seen, done and will be forced at his own officers gunpoint to do again and again until the war is over.
The promise of “homes for heroes” was a particularly cold and nasty piece of political psychological warfare on our front line troops (and to keep the widows quiet).
“If you run into the machineguns, survive and kill as many of the enemy as you can till the war is over, you will get a house.”
How many of those heroes who lived got a house, none! How many widows of those who died got a house, none!
The reason, “sorry, the country is bankrupt”.
The same political actions have been repeated constantly since the 17th century.
Breed more humans, profit from them, start a war, kill about a quarter, make peace and start again.
And now there are 6 billion people, 2 billion casualties, that would eradicate unemployment again, that would save the government a lot of money and 4 billion stupid people are worth more than 6 billion educated ones. Because educated ones “think for themselves” and cause problems.
Only in the 21st century, we, the educated generation are not so accepting in this type of repetitive political governance (or dictatorship if one would call a spade a spade and not a shovel).
Our emotional awareness of the cruelty of politics and profit making has to be an important step we are taking in our own personal morality and social evolution (which terrifies our politicians), whilst political and economic theology cannot afford morality, compassion empathy or any emotions except brutality.
We have the intelligence to stop this immoral, selfish, political Darwinian future our politicians and the wealthy are in the process of reconstructing again.
Unfortunately for our generation, we are the end of a cycle of human evolution, if we do not protect the humane and emotional advances we have made in the last 50 years, then the “dumbing down” we see in our educations system will continue our children and grandchildren’s decent back to servitude and limited education, if any, will continue.
An adult life of low wages, if any, and wars that keep the politicians in business will continue.
Multinational super rich profiting from wars and slavery will continue.
Our understanding of our emotional singularity that is the “humane human being” in most of us will be lost for another thousand years.
If we, as a population, do not insist upon the freedom of thought, our freedom of speech and the freedom to choose between political governance or humane governance then we will become the curse in every Childs eye.
A Childs emotion is raw, they think in pictures and emotions (because they don’t know words) and every hungry British child has all of us to blame, not just the brutal politicians who can refuse free food to them, that they know nothing about, but every single one of us, because it really is black and white emotions for a child, if you don’t help me, you help the hunger.
Can you imagine the emotions and pictures in a hungry Childs mind? Unfortunately, I don’t need to understand them, I still remember them.
It is these pictures and emotions that need to be encouraged for us to evolve past the killing minds of perfectionist Darwinian politics and enter a rational more compassionate yet brutally just society.
Brutal with priests who spout unproven theologies, brutal with the multinational business OWNERS, brutal with the bankers, the politicians and the lawyers, let them understand the fear we live in, put the lot in jail.
There can be no moral excuse for austerity, yet our prime minister has stated “we (politicians) have won the moral argument for further and continued austerity”
The courts have upheld the government OPINION that one cannot refused to be policed irrespective of “policing by consent”.
Such is the curse of Darwinian politics.
And at 05;36 I will say good night. (another advantage of PTSD I can stay awake for days to avoid the horrors when I sleep.)

police politicians first

If I ran a company that had left 119,000 customers dead, I would be hanging from the tower of London,
it is a fact that the DWP employ several private companies who do abuse the human rights of British people under the authority of parliament.
If I aided and abetted a grooming gang in the ranks of my friends and colleagues, by covering up their criminality against children, I would be arrested and put on trial,
it is a fact that parliamentarians are converging up the offences of many friends’ colleagues and peers with the OFFICIAL secrets act.
If I was holding the cure for a new bubonic and refused it to the people of our country, I would have the cure forcible removed from my persons by parliament, it is a fact that parliamentarians are holding the cures for many of the 260 different cancers.
If I sell one gram of cannabis on the street I will get arrested and jailed under the misuse of drugs act, it is a fact that parliamentarians are connected with the growing and sale of over 60 tons of cannabis a year with government approval under the auspice of medical research.
If I teach a child to masturbate, I would be arrested for child abuse, teachers are teaching much worse to infants and under government authority, not the authority of their parents.
If I persecuted someone to the point, they self-harm and/or kill themselves, I am arrested and put on trial, employees of the DWP do this daily under the protection of parliament.
If I take the possessions off of someone and they die of hypothermia I am arrested and go on trial, police officers and council workers have removed homeless possessions, and many have ended up dead.
If I avoid taxes, made false expenses claims, rob banks, abuse children, commit human rights deaths, etc etc etc, in short if I did even a fraction of what our parliamentarians do I would be doing 50 years in jail with no Xbox or parole.
The fact that there is NO criminal offence the people can bring against our whole parliament over covering up child abuse with their office must the principle driving force for the people to police their OWN authority.
The police cannot protect our right to life if parliamentarians decide more forced austerity, so our people die without a murmur from their own representatives.
If I represent you and my actions or policies cause your death……………….. I’m sure you are getting the point.
Without a house of representative, staffed with people taken from our electoral list, to protect the people and our authority from being abused by parliament the criminality and corruption that is our representation will continue. Jsa 14/03/19

Parliament illustrative 2


Damascus’ firm warning appears a response to a controversial bill recently under renewed consideration by US Congress, co-sponsored by Republican Senators Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton, and Democratic Rep. Mike Gallagher, which aims to give formal US recognition of Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights region.



In the last few years, as an activist, I have covered many different “human” issues, from racism to genderism, from scots independence to policing parliament by the people, in all of this whilst writing about these things, the psychology of it all has to be questioned, is this really us, as a race, without control, are humans inherently cruel?

As a child of the care system I understood cruelty, I understood the destruction of children faced with unadulterated violence cruelty and sexual depravity, seeing all of this same cruelty concerning a large proportion in the ranks of our lords representatives and peers just clarifies the point that cruelty goes across the board for people with power or any form of control.

In the middle of these two periods I worked at everything from soldiering to some very questionable work helping people, from running a domestic violence unit to city centre security, as you can see the commonality is cruelty violence pain and hurt.

I have experiences torture normally reserved for adults and felt the little deaths of unconsciousness and the self-hatred for becoming awake and conscience.

In all of this I did not survive solely by using the predatorial skills I was so forcefully taught, the cruelty and violence did not come easy to me, but skills are skills, no matter how ugly.

And it is the ugliness of these human actions, committed in the name of many different excuses, that needs to be considered if we as a race are ever to get past the lies of modernity and humanity, for in our modern, internet run world, we are neither.

The facts speak for themselves, the predators start at the top of our modern society and the minions below get a certain amount of leeway in their brutality, so long as it does not disturb the masses too much.

The upper echelons can hide their brutality and inhumanities with everything from the official secrets act to destroying the evidence and survivors with the apparatus of the state, the lower minions take the bigger fall (for them?), many of them “” looked”” after, before, during and after the fact.

For me, this is not a horror story, it is a reality I leant many years ago looking into the eyes of the man torturing me, I was 13/14 in Eastwood park detention centre, I screamed at him through such blinding pain “why are you doing this”
He looked right into my eyes and said, “because I can”.

Until this mind set of “because I can” is challenged, we will always be here, and in another hundred years someone just like me will do this again……………